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REGIONAL KILLER BOYDEN GRAY IN PROCESS FOR ARREST FOR CONSPIRACY TO MURDER MYRA SNYDER SCOTT, CONSPIRACY TO MURDER JOHN SNYDER, TORTURE AND ASSAULT ON ELIJAH SCOTT, SATANIC RITUAL ABUSE CRIMES, ORGANIZED HEALTH CARE FRAUD, CRIMINAL INDUCED HOSPITLIZATIONS, PEDOPHILLIA CRIMES, TORTURE CRIMES, AND HATE CRIME, REGIONAL KILLER BOYDEN GRAY AND HIS RETINUE OF DEMONS, IT IS DECREED THAT THEY WILL BE SENT BACK TO THE PIT OF HELL THEY CAME FROM IN JESUS NAME! PLEASE USE SELECT ALL TO COPY, PASTE AND READ THE BELOW/ CLICK THE BUTTONS ABOVE . TO BE UP DATED, LINKS HAVE BEEN CRIMINALL DISABLED FIERCE NAME ALIGNED REGIONAL KILLERS NOTARIZED AFFIDAVIT NYS TAX AND DRIVER LICENSE SUSPENSION CONSPIRACY TO MURDER PROGRAM COMPREHENSIVE WEB SITES: http://docs.google.com/View?docid=dgfd2t36_185crmbxgdp NYSUT ORGANIZED HATE CRIME ADMIISTRATIONS http://prayerwarriorsneeded.googlepages.com/NYSUTCRIMES.pdf SERIAL KILLER BOYDEN GRAY AND CECIL RHODES: EUGENICS http://mirsny.googlepages.com/CECILRHODESBOYDENGRAY.pdf US DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE 15 DAY RESPONSE LETTER REQUEST http://prayerwarriorsneeded.googlepages.com/DEPARTMENTOFJUSTICEMAY2009.pdf CRIMINAL REPORTS SUBMITTED AND FILED http://prayerwarriorsneeded.googlepages.com/INTERNALAFFAIRSAPRIL2009WITHPOSTALS.pdf CRIMINAL REPORT http://mirsny.googlepages.com/FINAL2SATURDAYUPDATESERIALKILLERBOYD.pdf STOP THE RELEASE OF DEADLY ORGANISMS IN THE ENVIRONMENT TO ADVANCE REGIONAL KILLER BOYDEN GRAY'S H541 DISGUISED KILLINGS http://mirsny.googlepages.com/APRIL292009REGIONALDISGUISEDKILLINGS.pdf BIRD/AVIAN FLU FRAUD DISGUISED KILLINGS: http://docs.google.com/View?docid=dgfd2t36_214mdxqjkg9 INFECTED/TAINTED BAXTER VACCINES WITH CEO SERIAL KILLER BOYDEN GRAY: http://docs.google.com/View?docid=dgfd2t36_215hd33v7dc JANUARY 24, 2009 CRIMINAL REPORT ON SERIAL KILLER BOYDEN GRAY'S NYS CHIEF JUSTICE MONEY LAUNDERED CRIMINALLY USURPED CHIEF JUSTICE POSITION http://mirsny.googlepages.com/SUBMITNYSPAYTOPLAYJONATHANLIPPMANNOM.pdf SERIAL KILLER BOYDEN GRAY NAME ALIGNED TORTURE AND DISGUISED KILLINGS http://mirsny.googlepages.com/SERIALKILLERBOYDENGRAYAPRIL242009 TOR.pdf CRIMINAL REPORT ON SERIAL KILLER BOYDEN GRAY DISGUISED KILLINGS AND PROJECTS http://mirsny.googlepages.com/DECEMBER_29_2008_SERIAL_PRESIDENTIAL.pdf CRIMINAL REPORT POWER POINT PRESENTATION THE BOMB AND THE PRESCRIPTION http://mirsny.googlepages.com/THEPRESCRIPTIONANDTHEBOMBSUNDAY913.pptx OR LOOK FOR THE BOMB AND THE PRESCRIPTION LINK HERE: http://mirsny.googlepages.com/deadlyserialkillerboydengraybrainresearc OR http://www.slideshare.net/PRAYERWARRIOR/the-prescription-and-the-bomb-Sunday-finaleepresentation ONGOING CONSPIRACIES TO MURDER VIA SCRIPTED CONGRESSIONAL SPONSORSHIP OF MONEY LAUNDERING DISGUISED KILLING LEGISLATION. THIS IS A SUPPLEMENTAL POLICE REPORT DOCUMENTING AND DETAILING CURRENT DEADLY GENETIC CODE OBSTRUCTIONS, DEFRAUD LEGISLATION AND DISGUISED KILLING PROJECTS, PLUS OTHER LEGISLATIVE USURPATION AND DEFRAUD CRIMES. http://mirsny.googlepages.com/554_DECEMBER_14_LEGISLATIVE_FRAUD__A.pdf OCTOBER 23, 2008 CRIMINAL REPORT SERIAL KILLER BOYDEN GRAYS MULTIPLE CONSPIRACIES TO MURDER CRIMES http://mirsny.googlepages.com/SERIAL_KILLER_BOYDEN_GRAY_2009_LETHA.pdf POLICE REPORT SERIAL KILLER BOYDEN GRAY HIV VACCINE IN PUBLIC SCHOOLS http://mirsny.googlepages.com/FINALEE2009HIVVIRUSREPLICATIONVACCIN.pdf AND http://www.docstoc.com/Docs/2792543/DEADLY-PATHOGEN-TEST-RESULTS--ON-THE-FLYMASSIVE EXHIBITS POLICE REPORT FILED REGARDING JONATHAN LIPPMAN WHICH LED TO DISCOVERING SERIAL KILLER BOYDEN GRAY http://mirsny.googlepages.com/NEW20UPDATED20POLICE20FILE202008.pdf POLICE REPORT FILED REGARDING JONATHAN LIPPMAN WHICH LED TO DISCOVERING SERIAL KILLER BOYDEN GRAY http://mirsny.googlepages.com/APRIL2007PDFFINALIZEDJONATHANLIPPMAN.pdf ______________________________________________________________________________ WEB PAGES http://mirsny.googlepages.com/deadlyserialkillerboydengraybrainresearc h ttp://prayerwarriorsneeded.googlepages.com/nyscrimevictimsboard SERIAL KILLER BOYDEN GRAY DISGUISED ATTEMPTED KILLLING OF THE NYS GOVERNOR: http://docs.google.com/View?docid=dgfd2t36_56gj33vmzg SENATOR KENNEDY’S INDUCED BRAIN CANCER PICTURE SERIES: http://mirsny.googlepages.com/DEADLY_BRAIN_RESEARCH_FINALPDF.pdf CRIMINAL REPORT: NYS NAME ALIGNED REGIONAL KILLING PROJECTS AND CRIMINAL MEDICAL AND PHARMACEUTICAL NAME ALIGNED TAKEOVER: . http://www.docstoc.com/docs/18466627/NOTARIZED-W-RECEIPTS-NYS-VENOM-DRUGS-AND-THE-SATANISTS-FINANCED-BOMBING-PREPARATIONS-CRIMINAL-REPORT-DECEMBER-4-2009 _____________________________________ CRIMINAL REPORT FILED: BOYDEN GRAY AND FRANCES COLLINS OF NIH COMBINED WAM INFECTIOUS DISEASE VACCINE CREATIONS AND REGIONAL KILLING PROJECTS http://www.scribd.com/doc/21944210/Notarized-Copy-of-the-October-30-2009-Criminal-Report-Infectious-Disease-Mixing-Altered-Medicines _____________________________________ THE OBSTRUCTION OF THE RULE OF LAW: http://www.scribd.com/doc/24308974/THE-OBSTRUCTION-OF-THE-RULE-OF-LAW-IS-THE-CRIMINALLY-INSANE-FORMATION-OF-A-DEMON-CONTROLLED-SOCIETY ______________________________________ KILLER BOYDEN GRAY'S REPLICATED AND DEADLY YOUNG PEOPLE'S FORCE FOR CHANGE INFESTATION PROJECT UNDER THE DISGUISE OF YOUTH LEADERSHIP HIV ADVISING, TESTING AND STRATEGIZING IN THE WHITE HOUSE. DOES THIS MAKE SENSE? http://www.scribd.com/doc/23920311/Regional-Killer-Boyden-Gray-NYC-HIV-Testing-Vaccine-2009 ______________________________________ OCTOBER 30, 2009 CRIMINAL REPORT DOCUMENTING THE CRIMINALLY INSANE INTERMIXING, CULTURING, AND CREATING OF COMBINED INFECTIOUS RARE DISEASES AND REVERSE ORDER ALTERED AND TAINTED PERSONALIZED MEDICINES/DRUGS http://www.scribd.com/doc/21944210/Notarized-Final-Copy-of-the-October-30-2009-Crminal-Report-Infectious-Disease-Mixing-and-Altered-Medicines OR http://prayerwarriorsneeded.googlepages.com/INTERNETCOPYOCT31NOTARIZEDWITHCERTIF.pdf BOYDEN GRAY AND HIS RETINUE OF DEMONS DEFRAUD KILLING OPERATION SEE THE BELOW LINKS: http://ecosyn.us/Bush-Hitler/Bush_Eugenics.html SEE WHERE THESE PSYCHOPATHETIC ORGANIZED DEADLY CRIMES ARE ROOTED FROM: http://mirsny.googlepages.com/BOYDEGRAYEXECUTIVEBRANCHDISGUISEDKIL.pdf THE ABOVE PICTURES EXEMPLIFY HOW ONE OF BOYDEN GRAY’S DEFRAUD INDUCED KILLING OPERATIONS WORK. IN THE PAST, HE HAS WORKED WITH THREE OTHER SATANISTS TO MAKE THE ABOVE PICTURE WORK EFFECTIVELY. ONE OF THE DEMONS IS JONATHAN LIPPMAN. HE WAS SENT AS A DEMONIC RULER TO RULE OVER THE JUDICIARY IN NYS. BY ACCIDENT, FOR YEARS, HE WAS THE NYS CHIEF ADMINISTRATIVE JUDGE. HE HAS DONE GREAT DAMAGE IN THIS CAPACITY. HE USED HIS DEFRAUD CHIEF ADMINISTRATIVE JUDICIAL POSITION TO RESURRECT AND ADVANCE RACISM, AND ALL TYPES OF DISCRIMINATION, AND TO SUBTERFUGE/COVER UP INFLICTED SATANIC RITUAL ABUSE ADMINISTRATION. HE TARGETED CHANGING LAWS AND INFLICTED CURSES TO ATTACK YOUTH AND THE LAWS IMPACTING THEM. THIS WAS AND IS A SATANIC MASTERMINDED AND MANIFESTED ATTACK AGAINST HUMANITY, THAT SERVES TO DESTROY THE NATION AND ITS NEXT GENERATION. HIS DEFRAUD REIGN OVER THE JUDICIARY, REQUIRES REVISITING DECISIONS MADE UNDER HIS SATANIC RULERSHIP AND ASSOCIATION WITH BOYDEN GRAY. HIS JUDICIAL TRESPASS IS WELL DOCUMENTED IN EVERY DOCUMENTARY I HAVE WRITTEN AS WELL AS THE LIPPMAN SECTION ON THIS WEB SITE. THE NEXT DEMONIC RULER IS ADAM URBANSKI. HE IS THE NYS ROCHESTER TEACHER ASSOCIATION DEFRAUD UNION PRESIDENT. HE IS INCOMPETENT, EVIL, AND A DEADLY SLEEP LABORATORY DEFRAUD RESEARCHER. I WORKED IN THE NYS ROCHESTER SCHOOL SYSTEM. THIS IS WHERE I WAS SADDENED TO ENCOUNTER ADAM URBANSKI AND THIS IS WHEN THE DEADLY DEFRAUD KILLING OPERATION WAS INFLICTED ON ME, STEMMING FROM DEADLY INDUCED SLEEP TORTURE, INFLICTED ELECTROMAGNETIC WEAPONS, A LETHAL MIND CONTROL/HYPNOSIS ADMINISTRATION, A REPORTED MIND CONTROL RAPING, AND LSD POISONING. BUT, BECAUSE OF GOD’S GRACE AND MERCY, I NEVER WENT THROUGH THE INDUCED HOSPITAL PLACEMENT. ONLY GOD COULD DO THIS! CONSEQUENTLY, THEY HAVE SOUGHT REVENGE FOR GOD’S RECUE IN EVERY POSSIBLE WAY IMAGINABLE. SEE THE ECONOMICS CRIME AND CONSPIRACY AGAINST RIGHTS SECTIONS ON THIS WEB SITE. BUT GOD!!!!!! PLEASE NOTE ADAM URBANSKI WAS SENT AS A DEMONIC RULER OVER EDUCATION ENTITIES. AS SUCH, THE FORMER, AMERICAN FEDERATION OF TEACHERS UNION PRESIDENT, SAUNDRA FELDMAN, WAS TARGETED AND SACRIFICED. ADAM URBANSKI SNEAKILY WORKED WITH HER VIA THE AMERICAN FEDERATION OF TEACHERS ASSOCIATION. I WARNED HER OF HIS KILLING SPREE OPERATIONS. THE WARNING WAS DISREGARDED AND SHE WAS KILLED AS I STATED IN MY WARNING LETTER TO HER. I AM NOT PSYCHIC. I DID WHAT WAS HUMANELY CORRECT. I SHARED MY TESTIMONY WITH HER OF WHAT WAS DONE TO ME AND MY FAMIL BY THIS SATANIC POWER AND CONTROL PSYCHOTIC REGIME. I WARNED THAT SHE WOULD BE TARGETED AND KILLED UNDER DEADLY PATHOGEN ADMINISTRATION DEFRAUD. THE WORLD MUST KNOW OF ADAM URBANSKI AND HIS DEMONIC ROLE IN THIS DOCUMENTED UNIVERSITY OF ROCHESTER MEDICAL CENTER, PSYCHOTIC INFECTIOUS DISEASE PLOT SPOT KILLERS OPERATIONS AND QUEST TO SATANICALLY TAKE OVER THE WORLD VIA INFLICTED DEADLY DECEPTIONS, DEFRAUDS, INFESTATIONS AND KILLINGS. FINALLY, THERE IS DANIEL LABOWITZ. HE IS ANOTHER DEMONIC RULER SENT TO DESTROY HUMAN KIND. HE IS THE NYS BAR ASSOCIATION GRIEVANCE COUNSELOR. ALL NYS ATTORNNEY COMPLAINTS GO TO HIM. VIA PSEUDO HIERARCHAL RULING, HE CONTROLS BAR ASSOCIATION MEMBERS, MEANING ALL LAYWERS. HE TOO HAS A DUAL LIFE AND WORKS OUT OF THE UNIVERSITY OF ROCHESTER MEDICAL CENTER. HE IS THE NYS EMERGENCY ROOM AGENT. HE MANIPULATES AND MANEUVERS INDUCED EMERGENCY ROOM HOSPITAL PLACEMENTS. ATTORNEYS NOT CONTROLLABLE BY THE DELUSIONAL CURSED HIERARCHY SCAM ARE TARGETED AND KILLED VIA THE ABOVE PICTURE OPERATION. THIS SATANIC RETINUE’S DEFRAUD KILLING SCAM IS WELL FINANCED, EFFECTIVE, AND HAS BEEN DISREGARDED FOR TOO LONG. CONSEQUENTLY, THE MASS MURDERS HAVE EXPANDED AND DIVERSIFIED. THEY ARE LISTED IN THE BOYDEN AND GALLERIA SECTIONS. PLEASE NOTE BECAUSE OF BOYDEN GRAY’S UNREGULATED DEMON POSSESSION, COUPLED WITH FRAUDULENT EXCESSIVE MONIES, AND CONSISTENT WILFUL COURT CORRUPTION/INFILTRATION POWERS, THE CRIMES CONTINUE UNREGULATED, AND HAS EFFECTUATED A MASS MURDER PRODUCTION. SEE ALL OF THE BOYDEN GRAY AND THE GALLERIA SECTIONS ON THIS WEB SITE. THE CRIMES AND PICTURES ARE LISTED THROUGH OUT THIS WEB SITE. PLEASE NOTE THESE ARE THE ORIGINAL SATANIC RITUAL ABUSE ADMINISTRATORS WORKING OUT OF THE UNIVERSITY OF ROCHESTER MEDICAL CENTER. HOWEVER, BOYDEN GRAY HAS DEMONICALLY EXPANDED AND DIVERSIFIED THE DEFRAUD INNOCULATIONS, KILLINGS, DECEPTIONS AND ENJOINMENTS. THIS WAS DONE TO DAUNT THE AUTHENICITY, AS TO WHERE THESE CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY ERRUPTED FROM. HOWEVER, THE DOCUMENTATION SPEAKS FOR ITSELF. THE KILLING OPERATION WORKS LIKE THIS. INDUCED SLEEP LABORATORY DEADLY DEFRAUD RESEARCH COUPLED WITH ELECTROMAGNETIC WEAPON BEAMINGS ARE ADMINISTERED ON A TARGET. THIS IS SUPPOSED TO LAND THE VICTIM IN THE HOSPITAL. THIS IS AN INDUCED HOSPITAL PLACEMENT. IF THE DEFRAUD DEADLY SLEEP RESEARCH AND EMF WEAPONRY DOES NOT WORK, THAN HYPNOSIS AND LETHAL MIND CONTROL IS ADMINISTERED. WHEN THIS DOES NOT LAND THE VICTIM IN THE HOSPTAL, THAN LSD OR ANOTHER DEADLY DRUG IS SLIPPED IN THE TARGETS FOOD OR DRINK. THIS IS ALL DONE TO CREATE AN INDUCED HOSPITAL PLACEMENT IN ONE OF BOYDEN GRAY’S SELL THE SOUL FOR MONEY HOSPITALS. WHEN THIS DEADLY OPERATION WAS INFLICTED ON ME, THE DEADLY HOSPITAL WAS AND IS THE UNIVERSITY OF ROCHESTER MEDICAL CENTER. SEE THE GALLERIA SECTION. BOYDEN GRAY AND THE RETINUE ARE STILL ORCHESTRATING KILLINGS VIA THIS HOSPITAL’S EMERGENCY ROOM AND INFECTIOUS DISEASE DEPARTMENT. THE INFECTIOUS DISEASE DEPARTMENT IS THE SATANIC PLOT SPOT LITERALLY. THE UNIVERSITY OF ROCHESTER MEDICAL CENTER INFECTIOUS DISEASE DEPARTMENT IS WHERE DEADLY PATHOGENS HAVE BEEN AND ARE BOUGHT, SOLD AND DECIDED TO WHOM EACH WILL BE RENDERED. SINCE THE CRIMES HAVE NOT BEEN REGULATED, BOYDEN GRAY HAS EXPANDED HIS DEADLY PATHOGEN ADMINISTRATION PLOT SPOTS. SO FAR, RESEARCH HAS POINTED TO HIS NEWEST DEADLY VIRUS LABORATORY AS THE UNIVERSITY OF ALBERTA, FACULTY OF DENTISTRY AND MEDICNE DEFRAUD IN CANADA. IT IS MY OPINION FROM STUDYING AND INVESTIGATING THESE CRIMES FOR YEARS, THAT THE NEWLY CREATED CANADA UNIVERSITY OF ALBERTA FACULTY OF MEDICINE AND DENTISTRY IS ANOTHER BOYDEN GRAY FICTION PREMISED OFF OF ECONOMIC CREDENTIALING. SEE HIS ECONOMIC CREDENTIALING FLAG POSTED IN THE MONEY TRAIL SECTION. PLEASE NOTE BOYDEN GRAY’S DOCUMENTED ECONOMIC CREDENTIALING ADVOCACY IN HIS FICTION CREATION OF LARSON, ALLEN, WEISHAIR, & CO., LLP. SEE THE MONEY TRAIL SECTION. IN THE LARSON AND ALLEN FICTION, HE GOES AROUND THE WORLD UNDER MUTIPLE PROFESSIONAL DEFRAUDS, RECRUITING DOCTORS AND HOSPITAL ADMINISTRATORS, TO HIRE ECONMICALLY CREDENTIALED EMERGENCY ROOM WORKERS AND OTHERS. THESE WORKERS ARE ASSIGNED SPECIFIC DUTIES TO EFFECTUATE THE ABOVE PICTURE INDUCED HOSPITAL KILLINGS AND OR INFLICTED DISEASES. FURTHERMORE, BOYDEN GRAY IN THIS DEFRAUD PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT POSITION, HE ADVOCATES GETTING MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF PATIENTS. THE MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF PATIENTS ADVOCACY, IS TO SUBTERFUGE THE PREMEDITATED MURDERS. IN BOYDEN GRAY’S MENTALLY ILL MIND, WHEN A DOCTOR HAS THOUSANDS OF PATIENTS, KILLING 1-100 OF THEM VIA BOYDEN GRAY’S DESIGN AND INSURANCE PAY OFFS, WILL NOT BE DETECTED. SOMEONE PLEASE INFORM BOYDEN GRAY THAT THE MURDER PLANS AND ADVOCACY IS A DELUSIONAL CONCEPT AND WILL NOT OCCUR WITHOUT PENALTY AND EXPOSURE. AS SUCH, THIS WEB SITE HAS BEEN DESIGNED TO ADVOCATE GOD WATCHERS OF PATIENT MURDERS, PARTICULARLY BY INSTITUTIONS ENTERTAINED AND CORRUPTED BY BOYDEN GRAY’S PUBLIC DEFRAUD WORKSHOPS AND ASSOCIATIONS. HIS PYSCHOTICNESS WITH UNREGULATED FRAUDLENT MONEY AND CORRUPTED INSURANCE MURDER PAY OFFS MUST BE STOPPED. ON BEHALF OF HUMAN KIND AND HEALTHY LIVING, EVERY HOSPITAL BOYDEN GRAY HAS ADVOCATED AND OR WORKED WITH MUST BE MONITORED GLOBALLY, PATICULARY FOR PHENOMENA PATIENT DEATH AND HARMONIZATION RATES. IN FACT, VICTIMS KILLED BY THE ABOVE PICTURED SATANIC MANIFESTATION MUST TRACE AND INVESTIGATE EVERY MEDICAL WORKER ASSIGNED TO THE PERSON KILLED, PARTICULARLY, EMERGENCY ROOM INJECTIONS, PLACEMENTS AND SPECIALISTS ASSIGNED. THE SENDING IN OF A SPECIALIST AND THE CREATION OF A SPECIALTY INFLICTED DISEASE IS PART OF THIS CRIMINAL PHENOMENON KILLING OPERATION. THE SPECIALIST IS A MAJOR COMPONENT OF THIS CRIME OPERATION. BY DESIGN, BOYDEN GRAY HAS MADE ROOM FOR LOCUMS, DEFRAUD, SUBSTITUTE DOCTORS AND SPECIALISTS, TO COMPLETE ALREADY STARTED KILLINGS. THE LOCUM PLAN IS DOCUMENTED IN THE WEB SITE. FURTHERMORE, I HAVE PRAYED OVER AND STUDIED THESE DEMONIC OPERATIONS THOROUGHLY, PARTICULARLY AS THEY HAVE INFLICTED THESE CRIMES ON LOVE ONES. BUT GOD’S GRACE AND MERCY HAS REIGNED. AS SUCH, I PUBLICALLY ACKNOWLEDGE AND THANK GOD FOR HIS SUPERNATURAL HEALING POWERS, PARTICULALRY OVER DEMONIC FORCED AND MANIFESTATED INFESTATIONS. SINCE BOYDEN GRAY AND HIS RETINUE OF DEMONS CRIMES HAVE NOT BEEN REGULATED, ( SINCE 1994 I HAVE BEEN DOCUMENTING), MENTALLY ILL BOYDEN GRAY HAS CREATED A WAY TO STEAL MONEY FROM THE UNITED STATES TREASURY DEPARTMENT, TO EXPAND THE UNIVERSITY OF ROCHESTER MEDICAL CENTER DEFRAUD KILLING MODEL AND INDUCED HOSPITAL PLACEMENT/ EMERGENCY ROOM OPERATIONS. BOYDEN GRAY IS GOING AROUND THE WORLD UNDER THE DEFRAUD OF AN ACCOUNTANT, CONSULTANT, BUSINESS ADVISOR, ETC. YOU NAME IT, HE CREATES ANY POSITION THAT ALLOWS HIM TO ENTER REGIONS TO TAKE OVER VIA NON VERIFIED MONEY AND THEREAFTER ENJOINS THE REGION IIN HIS PSYCHOTIC DISEASE OBSESSION AND INFLITARTION EFFECTUATING THE KILLING OF HUMAN BEINGS UNDER DEFRAUD INNOCULATIONS, DISEASES AND CONDITIONS. BOYDEN GRAY HAS ALSO EXPANDED THE INDUCED HOSPITALIZATION OPERATIONS. NOW HE USES ELECTROMAGNETIC WEAPONS ON TARGETS TO INDUCE A CRIMINAL HOSPITAL PLACEMENT. ELECTROMAGNETIC WEAPONS ARE DEFINED AND RESEARCHED IN THE VICTIM SECTION. WELL AMERICA, THE DEVIL IS REAL AND WORKING. IT IS TIME THAT HE GETS FIRED. ALL GOD LOVING PEOPLE MUST MAKE SURE THE MASS MURDERS LISTED IN THIS WEB SITE, COUPLED WITH THE SATANIC MASTERMIND AND MANIFESTATION OF SUCH EXEMPLIFIED IN THE PICTURES, ARE TAKEN OFF OF THIS EARTH! ALSO, IT IS MY CONTENTION THAT SINCE NOT REGULATED, THE ABOVE SATANIC MANIFESTATION IS OUT OF CONTROL. THIS MEANS DEADLY TAINTED VACCINATIONS AND MEDICINES HAVE BEEN RELEASED TO SIMPLY KILL HUMANKIND. THIS IS WHAT SATAN DOES. THE MOST VULNERABLE POPULATIONS HAVE BEEN TARGETED. THESE ARE NOT PHENOMENA. THESE ARE UNREGULATED DEFRAUD MONEY, BOYDEN GRAY LED, PSYCHOTIC DEADLY OPERATIONS, USING DEFRAUD MONEY, NON VERIFIABLE MONEY, TO USURP GOD GIVEN AUTHORITY IN MAN, TO EFFECTUATE THE WORLD DESTRUCTIVE PLAN OF SATAN. IT IS MY CONTENTION, FURTHER, THAT SINCE THIS SATANIC ADMINISTRATION IS STILL REIGNING; A PART OF THIS SATANIC PLAN INCLUDES THE ENFORCEMENT OF DEADLY MAGICIAN SHOWS. THIS MEANS THAT BOYDEN GRAY HAS CREATED MULTIPLE DEFRAUD HIRING OFFICES. SOME OF THESE OFFICES TARGET HIRING NURSES, AIDES AND MEDICAL ASSISTANTS.THEIR DEMONIC ROLE IS TO PERFORM A MAGICIAN SHOW WHILE WORKING WITH DOCTORS AND DENTISTS. CAMERAS WILL BE CRIMINALLY PLACED IN THE TARGETED FACILITY. THE DEFRAUD WORKERS JOB IS TO STUDY THE DOCTOR’S OR DENTIST’S METHOD OF OPERATION AS IT RELATES TO INJECTIONS. WHEN THE ASSISTANT SETS UP THE DOCTORS OR DENTISTS EQUIPMENT, THE REAL INJECTION WILL DISAPPEAR AND AN EXACT DEFRAUD CONTAMINATED INJECTION WILL RESURRECT. UNBEKNOWNST TO THE DOCTOR, DEADLY INNOCUALTIONS WILL BE RENDEDRED. THIS WILL BE DONE TO SABOTAGE TARGETED DOCTORS AND DENTAL PRACTICES. THIS WILL BE DONE AFTER THE MEDICAL OFFICE IS RECRUITED TO HIRE LOCUMS FROM THE BOYDEN GRAY DEFRAUD HIRING AGENCIES. THIS IS WHAT UNREGULATED DEFRAUD MONIES ALLOW AND DO, PARTICULARLY WHEN THIS MONEY IS RELINQUISHED THROUGH SATANIC MANIPULATION. THE ONLY WAY TO COUNTERACT THESE DEMONIC PLANS IS TO DEMOLISH ALL OF BOYDEN GRAY’S NON VERIFIED MONEY BIZNESSES, BASED ON HIS HISTORY OF FRAUD, MENTAL ILLNESS AND DOCUMENTED PUBLIC LIFE OBSTRUCTIONS AND KILLINGS. HIS SATANIC OPERATIONS ARE USUALLY IDENTIFIED BY A 2007 SYMBOL. NOW HE HAS THROWN IN A 2000 TO 2007 SYMBOL. IT IS STILL A BOYDEN GRAY FICTIONAL ADMINISTRATION. THESE FICTIONS WERE CREATED AND JUSTIFICATION IS SOUGHT VIA FICTIONAL PAPER MONEY DEFRAUD UNCONSCIOUSABLE CONTRACTING. ALSO, IT IS WISE THAT ANY OFFICE ATTACKED BY THESE CRIMES, COMMIT THE PRACTICE TO GOD AND PRAY FOR THE SPIRIT OF DISCERNMENT, TO WEED OUT, FURTHER ENJOINMENT AND IMPOSTURE INFLICTIONS. THESE DEMONIC OPERATIONS ARE CREATED AND FESTER OFF OF IMMITATIONS OF GOD CREATED WALLS OF PROTECTIONS, EQUIPMENT, ENTITIES, RESOURCES, ETC... IF I AM NOT MISTAKEN, BOYDEN GRAY HAS EVEN GONE TO THE EXTENT TO CREATE AN iGOOGLE SEARCH ENGINE. I HAVE NOT HAD THE TIME TO DOCUMENT THIS FRAUD. THIS STANDS FOR BOYDEN GRAY’S WORLD TAKE OVER INITATION VIA GOOGLE SEARCH ENGINE IMITATIONS AND OBSTRUCTIONS. THIS WAS CREATED TO SABOTAGE THE INTERNET FROM GODLY USE AND NEEDED NETWORKING, BY INFILTRATING THE INTERNET AND SEARCH ENGINES WITH DEFRAUD SERVICES AND OFFICES FOR THE GENERAL PUBLIC. HE IS TRYING TO INSTITUTE AN ECONOMIC CLASS PHENOMENON PREMISED OFF OF DELUSIONAL FALSE PHENOMENA OF ABOVE THE LAW AND SUPREMACY. SEE THE DOCUMENTATION THROUGHOUT THIS WEB SITE, PARTICULARLY HIS PSYCHOTIC ECONOMIC CREDENTIALING POSTER! PLEASE NOTE THIS RESORTS BACK TO BOYDEN GRAY’S CRIMINAL HOME TRAINING AND USE OF A PUBLIC AGENT POSITION TO INFILTRATE HIS SATANIC AND CRIMINAL HOME TRAINING, PARTICULARLY AS IT RELATES TO CRIMINAL ECONOMIC CREDENTIALING. SPECIFICALLY, YOU WILL SEE THAT BOYDEN GRAY’S FATHER, GORDON GRAY, FORMER PRESIDENTIAL LEGAL ADVISOR TO PRESIDENTS TRUMAN AND EISENHOWER, NEVER OBTAINED A LAW DEGREE. HE RECEIVED A SO CALLED HONORARY LAW DEGREE. THIS MEANS DEEP INSIDE HE KNEW HE WAS NOT QUALIFIED TO BE IN THE PRESIDENTIAL LEGAL CABINET. INSTEAD OF SELF EDUCATING VIA GODLY MEANS, HE USED SATANIC RITUAL ABUSE ADMINISTRATION TO CONTROL PRESIDENTIAL, EXECUTIVE BRANCH, DEPARTMENTS. HE TARGETED AND MADE LIFE MISERABLE FOR ALL GOD GIVEN TALENTED AND HONESTLY EDUCATED LEADERS. A CASE IN POINT IS A SCIENTIST NAMED OPENHEIMER. THE MAN WAS BRILLANT, TALENTED, HONESTLY WELL EDUCATED, AND WAS ANTAGONIZED BY THE ENVY SPIRIT OF GORDON GRAY. I WILL POST THE RESEARCH LATER. THIS IS WHERE THE SATANIC MASTERMIND AND MANIFESTATION OF ECOMONIC CREDENTIALING STEMS FROM. BOYDEN GRAY’S ECONOMIC CREDENTIALING IS CRIMINAL DEFRAUD CREDENTIALING. WOULD ANYONE LIKE AN ECONOMICALLY CREDENTIALED DOCTOR TO WORK ON THEM? ECONOMIC CREDENTIALING IS A SATANIC DESTRUCTIVE MASTERMIND AND MANIFESTATION TO PIT UNAUTHORIZED/UNQUALIFED PEOPLE TO RULE OVER AUTHORIZED BY EDUCATION AND GOD, QUALIFED PEOPLE. ANOTHER EXAMPLE OF BOYDEN GRAY’S INFLICTED SATANIC HOME TRAINING ABUSE EXEMPLIFYING ENVY OF GOD GIVEN SKILLS AND HONEST WELL EARNED EDUCATION CREDENTIALS, IS GORDON GRAY’S DEFRAUD KILLING OF A CONGO KING NAMED LAMUMBA. THIS AFRICAN KING WAS TARGETED AND KILLED VIA BOYDEN GRAY’S FATHER’S ENVY OF HONEST EDUCATION CREDENTIALS AND GOD GIVEN LEADERSHIP SKILLS. HE USED EVERY ASPECT OF GOVERNMENT TO SUBTERFUGE/COVER HIS ORDERING THE KILLING OF THIS AFRICAN WELL EDUCATED AND CREDENTIALED PRINCE. HOWEVER, THE TRUTH REIGNED THROUGH CONGRESSIONAL CHURCH COMMITTEE HEARINGS. THE CRIMES ERRUPTED FROM GORDON GRAY’S SATANIC ADMINISTRATION AND ORDERING, JUST LIKE THE CRIMES INFLICTED AGAINST ME HAVE ERRUPTED FROM BOYDEN GRAY’S ORDERING AND ADMINISTRATION. BACK IN THE DAY, GOVERNMENT, OFFICES DID WHAT THEY WERE CREATED TO DO, UNRAVEL AND DECIPHER CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY. THE CURSE WAS NOT PERFECTED, LIKE IT IS NOW. YET IT CAN AND WILL BE BROKEN. CONSEQUENTLY, BOYDEN GRAY’S CRIMINAL ECONOMIC CREDENTIALING HAS SIGNIFCANT SATANIC BACKGROUND HOME TRAINING. ABOVE ALL, PLEASE NOTE IN MY READING, I HAVE FOUND THAT BOYDEN GRAY IS USING THE DEFRAUD HONORARY DEGREE PHENOMENON IN CANADIAN GOVERNMENT TO SET IN PLACE DEMONIC RULERSHIPS OVER QUALIFIED MEDICAL AUTHORITIES. THIS IS DANGEROUS! THIS DEMON MUST BE STOPPED! I WILL POST BOYDEN GRAY’S SATANIC HONORARY DEGREE PHENOMENON OVER QUALIFIED AUTHORITES HOME TRAINING AND THE ORIGIN OF HIS FAMILY INFLICTED GOVERNMENTAL CURSE, WHEN TIME IS ALLOWED. PLEASE NOTE THAT MOST OF THIS WEB SITE IS IN PROGRESS BECAUSE I AM INCLUDING AND UNCOVERING DOCUMENTED BOYDEN GRAY CRIMES AND KILLINGS EVERYDAY. THIS IS AN ASSIGNMENT BY GOD’S ORDER AND IN DIRECT RESPONSE TO BOYDEN GRAY’S DIABOLICAL ATTACK ON HUMAN KIND. I DID NOT ASK FOR THIS ASSIGNEMENT. IT WAS INFLICTED ON ME BY GOD’S ORDER AND IN RESPONSE TO BOYDEN GRAY’S RELENTLESS ATTACK ON MY LIFE AND LIVELIHOOD. AS SUCH, A LOT OF THIS WEB SITE, PARTICULARLY THE PICTURE SECTIONS, DISCUSS JONATHAN LIPPMAN AND ADAM URBANSKI’S CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY. THIS IS BECAUSE I RECENTLY DISCOVERED AND UNCOVERD THE MASTER SATANIST AND KILLER BOYDEN GRAY. PLEASE NOTE I HAVE COMPLAINED ABOUT THE INDUCED DEFRAUD KILLINGS FOR YEARS. NOTHING HAS BEEN DONE WHICH IS THE DIRECT CAUSE FOR THE MANY ADDITIONAL MILLIONS OF BOYDEN GRAY KILLINGS. CONSEQUENTLY, THE EVIDENCE INITIALLY EXEMPLIFIED JONATHAN LIPPMAN AND ADAM URBANSKI’S CRIMES. DESPITE NOTHING BEING DONE, I CONTINUED INVESTIGATING AND HAVE UNCOVERED SOME OF THE WORST CRIMES AGINST HUMANITY IN ALL OF MANKIND. MY RESEARCH SHOWS THAT BOYDEN GRAY IS A MENTALLY ILL MAN WHO HAS DELIBERATELY INFLICTED HIS MENTAL ILLNESS, DISEASES, PHENOMENA, AND OBSTRUCTIONS WORLDWIDE BECAUSE OF HIS EASY ACCESS TO UNREGULATED DEFRAUDED/NON VERIFIED MONIES, AS WELL AS HIS LAWLESS ASSOCIATION WITH THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES. AS A DEFRAUD LEGAL ADVISOR, HE HAS HAD EASY ACCESS TO WORLD CONTACTS AND HAS EXPLOITED EVERY OPPORTUNITY. HE HAS LEARNED THESE CRIMINAL STRATEGIES FROM HIS FATHERS CRIMINAL REIGN IN GOVERNMENT UNDER PRESIDENT TRUMAN AND EISENHOWER. BOYDEN GRAY HAS INFLICTED A DEADLY GENERATIONAL CURSE ON THE PEOPLE OF THE WORLD, THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA’S GOVERNMENT AND MONEY VIA SATANIC RITUAL ABUSE, WHICH HAS EFFECTUATED SATANIC RITUAL ABUSE AND WITCH CRAFT ADMINISTRATION WORLD WIDE. THESE SATANIC MASTERMINDS AND MANIFESTATIONS USE SATAN AND NON VERIFIABLE MONEY, AS THE HEAD OF THE DEFRAUDED HIERARCHAL SCAM. CONSEQUENTLY, THOSE IMPRESSED WITH POSITIONS, POWER, TITLE, MONEY, WORLDLY POSSESSIONS, WILL BECOME PREY TO SATAN’S DEFRAUDED HIERARCHY CREATED, IMPLEMENTED AND INSTITUTED, BY BOYDEN GRAY AND THE BOYS! DUE TO THE MANY SATANIC CRIMES I HAVE HAD TO DOCUMENT, I HAVE NOT HAD TIME TO COLLATE AND COMBINE THE DOCUMENTED SATANIC GENERATIONAL CURSE INFLICTION AND ADMINISTRATION IN THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT. THIS SATANIC EMPIRE HAS BEEN DECEIVED. THEY SHOULD HAVE KNOWN THAT SATAN IS A MASTER DECEIVER. THIS EARTH BELONGS TO GOD AND SATAN WILL NOT RULE OVER THIS EARTH AS LONG AS GOD CREATED AND GOD LOVING CREATURES EXIST AND EXERCISE THEIR AUTHORITY OVER SATAN AS CITED IN THE BIBLE! ROMANS 8:31 STAES THAT: WHAT SHALL WE THEN SAY TO THESE THINGS? IF GOD BE FOR US, WHO CAN BE AGAINST US! LUKE 10:19 BEHOLD, I GIVE UNTO YOU POWER TO TREAD ON SERPENTS AND SCORPIONS, AND OVER ALL THE POWER OF THE ENEMY; AND NOTHING SHALL BY ANY MEANS HURT YOU. IN READING THE BIBLE, I UNDERSTAND THAT WE WRESTLE NOT AGAINST FLESH AND BLOOD, BUT AGAINST PRINCIPALITIES OF DARKNESS. DOES THIS MEAN THAT I WAS SUPPOSED TO KEEP THE PLAUSIBLE DEFENSE GOING, WHICH IS NOT SAYING WHOOSE NAMES THE CRIMES CAME UNDER? NO, THIS MEANS THAT I MUST REFERENCE THESE CRIMES, AS WHAT THEY ARE, SATANIC MASTERMINDED AND MANIFESTED CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY INFLICTED AND SUBTERFUGED UNDER A SATANIC CURSE. THE SATANIC CURSE WAS CREATED, ADMINISTERED AND INFLICTED BY THE CRIMINALS OUTLINED IN THIS WEB SITE. I WILL NOT BE SIDE TRACKED BY PLAYING INTO SATAN’S GAME AND ADVANCING AMBIGUITY. GOD IS A GOD OF LIGHT. AS SUCH, I WILL BRING AS MUCH LIGHT, CLARITY AND EVIDENCE, TO THESE CRIMES AS GOD LEADS ME TO BRING. THIS IS NOT PERSONAL. THIS DOCUMENTATION IS NOT AGAINST FLESH AND BLOOD, IT IS AGAINST DEADLY CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY BY SPECIFIC RULERS OF THE DARKNESS WHO HAVE PROUDLY LISTED THEIR NAMES WITH THEIR CRIMES. AS SUCH, THEIR INFLICTED WITHCRAFT AND SATANIC RITUAL ABUSE ADMINISTRATION HAS BEEN EXPOSED. THE CRIMES ARE LISTED UNDER THEIR NAMES AND THEIR DEADLY DUAL LIVES ARE LISTED UNDER THEIR NAMES. CONSEQUENTLY, WE WRESTLE NOT AGAINST THEM PER SE, BUT WE WRESTLE AGAINST THE FORCES OF DARKNESS THEY HAVE INFLICTED GLOBALLY. I NEVER EVEN THOUGHT THAT I WOULD HAVE TO LEARN SO MUCH ABOUT THIS OCCULT’S FUNCTIONING JUST TO LIVE. CONSEQUENTLY, I THANK GOD FOR THE WORD OF GOD THAT I HAVE STUDIED ALL OF MY LIFE THAT SETS A FOUNDATION TO DECIPHER THESE CRIMES AND BRING SOME TYPE OF UNDERSTANDING OF HOW THEY COULD CONTINUE THIS LONG UNDER A SECRECY CURSE AND UNDER A SUSPENSION OF LAW AND ORDER CURSE. WHAT I FIND AMAZING IS HOW DEEP THIS CURSE IS. EVEN THOUGH THE CRIMES ARE INDISPUTABLE, THE CRIMINALS HAVE STILL NOT BEEN ARRESTED AND THE VICTIMS LIKE MY SELF ARE FORCED TO STILL SUFFER FROM THEIR CRIMES. THIS IS NOT HOW A CIVILIZED GODLY SOCIETY CONDUCTS ITSELF. THE RETARDATION OF LAW AND ORDER, THE BLIND EYE, THE SECRECY, EACH IS A CURSE FROM THE PIT OF HELL. DESPITE ALL OF MY WORK ON BEHALF OF HUMANITY, RIGTEOUSNESS, AND GODLINESS, THE ECONOMIC CRIMES STILL CONTINUE AND HAVE NOT BEEN REGULATED. BECAUSE OF THIS SATANIC INFLICTED SUSPENSION OF LAWS CURSE, THE VICTIMS AND I STILL SUFFER. IN MY PARTICULAR SITUATION, I FIND IT AMAZING, THAT NOT ONE GODLY PERSON OR ORGANIZATION, COULD HAVE TAKEN THE INITIATIVE AND MAKE SURE I HAVE FOOD TO EAT. THIS HAS TO BE A CURSE BECAUSE A GODLY SOCIETY WOULD NEVER CARRY ON IN SUCH A MANNER. BUT THIS CURSE IS NOT STRONGER THAN GOD AND IN GOD’S TIME THIS CURSE WILL BE DESTROYED AND NEVER REPLICATED AGAIN! I FIND IT AMAZING HOW THE CURSE IMPACTED AND IMPACTS EVERYONE, INCLUDING PUBLIC PROTECTION OFFICES, PEOPLE, AND ORGANIZATIONS. NO ONE HAS HELPED THE VICTIMS DESPITE LAWS AUTHORIZING SUCH! THE SAME WAY THIS CURSE IS OBSTRUCTING INDIVIDUAL’S LIVES, PARTICULARLY FINANCIALLY, IS THE SAME WAY, THIS DEMON SPIRIT IS BEING USED TO DESTROY ISLANDS, COUNTRIES, AND NATIONS WHO CHOOSE NOT TO BARTER OR BARGAIN WITH BOYDEN GRAY’S FORCES OF DARKNESS UNCONSCIOUSABLE DEFRAUD MONEY CONTRACTING! THERE IS NO GODLY REASON THE VICTIMS, NATIONS AND OR I SHOULD CONTINUE TO SUFFER FROM THESE CRIMES! ONLY A SATANIC CURSE COULD DO THIS. CONSEQUENTLY, SPIRITUAL WARFARE IS THE ONLY WAY TO DEAL WITH THIS AND FOR THOSE NOT WISE ENOUGH TO KNOW THIS, PERHAPS I CAN BE A HUMBLE SERVANT TEACHER SO THIS CURSE SUBTERFUGED AS CRIMES WILL NEVER BE INFLICTED ON THE UNIVERSE AGAIN. FOREMOST, THE POWER IS IN THE CROSS. 1 CORINTHIANS 1:18 STATES THAT FOR THE MESSAGE OF THE CROSS IS FOOLISHNESS TO THOSE WHO ARE PERISHING, BUT TO US WHO ARE BEING SAVED, IT IS THE POWER OF GOD! SATAN’S EMPIRE IS COUNTING ON THE PEOPLE’S LACK OF GOD’S KNOWLEDGE AND POWER TO CONTINUE THIS DOCUMENTED DEFRAUD CONTROL EMBEDDED IN DUPING THE AMERICAN PEOPLE AND THERAFTER THE REST OF THE WORLD. MATERIALLY, SOME WOULD SAY SHE IS PERISHING NOW WITHOUT MONEY. BUT THAT LIMITED VISION WILL HAVE ONE DEAD GOING STRAIGHT TO HELL WITH MONEY! BEING SAVED, IN MY HUMBLE OPINION, DOES NOT MEAN BEING PERFECT. IT MEANS, KNOWING THAT CHRIST WAS CRUCIFIED ON THE CROSS WITHOUT ANY FAULT OR WRONG DOING, TO COVER THE SINS OF MAN AND PROTECT US FROM SATAN’S SCHEMES. SIMPLY PUT, IT MEANS LEAVING THIS EARTH WHEN GOD SAYS SO AND NOT WHEN SATAN SAYS SO OR HIS MONEY! THAT IN ITSELF MAKES PERISHING FROM A LACK OF TEMPORARY MONEY LOOK LIKE LIVING THE BIG LIFE! I RECOMMEND ALL TO READ, LUCIFER EXPOSED: THE DEVIL’S PLAN TO DESTROY YOUR LIFE BY DERECK PRINCE. PLEASE NOTE THESE SATANIC MULTIPLE ATTACKS BY THE REGIME DESCRIBED IN THIS WEB SITE HAVE COMPELLED ME TO READ BEYOND THE AVERAGE TEXT BOOK. HAD IT NOT BEEN FOR PRAYERS AND BIBLICAL SPIRITUAL WARFARE READINGS, THESE DEMONS WOULD HAVE KILLED ME SEVERAL TIMES! ABOVE ALL, THESE READINGS, GIVE ME CLEAR UNDERSTANDING OF HOW THESE SATANISTS HAVE TAKEN OVER GOVERNMENTS BY WILFULLY REJECTING GOD’S AUTHORITY. BASED ON REASEARCH, THIS IS CALLED WITHCHCRAFT. REJECTING GOD’S AUTHORITY FOR PURPOSES OF CONTROL IS CALLED WITCHCRAFT! PEOPLE CAN NOT EXIST IN LIFE WITHOUT AUTHORITY. SO IF WE DON’T HAVE LEGITIMATE AUTHORITY, ILLEGITIMATE AUTHORITY WILL REPLACE THE VOID. WHERE THERE IS ILLEGITIMATE AUTHORITY, IT HAS TO BE SUPPORTED BY WRONGFUL POWER. ILLEGITIMATE POWER IS A MANIFESTATION OF WITHCRAFT. IN SHORT, WHEREVER THERE IS ILLEGITIMATE AUTHORITY BEING EXERCISED, THE PEOPLE NEED TO BE PREPARED TO DEAL WITH WITCHCRAFT, WHETHER THEY WANT TO OR NOT! IN THIS WEB SITE YOU WILL FIND MULTIPLE INDISPUTABLE INSTANCES OF ILLEGITIMATE AUTHORITY, UP TO A DEAD MAN AND HIS SON, RUNNING THE UNITED STATES TREASURY, THE INTERNAL REVENUE DEPARTMENTS, THE WORLD TRADE ORGANIZATION, THE WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION, THE MILITARY, ETC... NOW IF THIS IS NOT ILLEGITIMATE AUTHORITY, POWER, CONTROL, AND WITHCRAFT, THAN WHAT IS? ACCORDING TO MY READINGS, IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO BE DEEPLY INVOLVED IN REJECTING GOD’S AUTHORITY AND POWER, FOR YEARS, WITHOUT SOONER OR LATER, COMING UNDER THE POWER OF WITHCRAFT. MY WEB SITE HAS SHOWN INDISPUTABLY THAT THIS HAS HAPPENED. THE BIBLE SPEAKS OF WITHCRAFT AS AN EXPANSION OF THE FALLEN HUMAN NATURE. IN GALATIANS 5:19 -, 22, 24 IT STATES THAT: NOW THE WORKS OF THE FLESH ARE MANIFEST, WHICH ARE THESE, ADULTERY, FORNICATION, UNCLEANLINESS, AND LASCIVIOUSNESS. IDOLATORY, WITCHCRAFT, HATRED, VARIANCE, EMULATIONS, WRATH, STRIFE, SEDITIONS, HERESIES, ENVYING, MURDERS, DRUNKENESS, REVELLINGS, AND SUCH LIKE, OF THE WHICH I TELL YOU BEFORE, AS I HAVE ALSO TOLD YOU IN TIME PAST, THAT THEY WHICH DO SUCH THINGS, SHALL NOT INHERIT THE KINGDOM OF GOD. BUT THE FRUIT OF THE SPIRIT IS LOVE, JOY, PEACE, LONGSUFFERING, GENTLENESS, GOODNESS, AND FAITH. THEY THAT ARE CHRIST’S HAVE CRUCIFIED THE FLESH WITH THE AFFECTIONS AND LUSTS. THIS MEANS WITHCRAFT HAS TWO ASPECTS, A NATURAL ASPECT AND A SUPERNATURAL ASPECT. IN THE NATURAL SENSE IT IS A WORK OF THE FLESH. IT IS AN EXPRESSION OF THE UNREGULATED NATURE OF FALLEN MAN. IT IS AN ILLEGITIMATE WAY OF USING FALLEN NATURE TO CONTROL PEOPLE, TO MAKE THEM DO WHAT YOU WANT. WHEN WITHCRAFT IS INFLICTED SUPERNATURALLY, IT IS AN EVIL SPIRITUAL POWER, UTILIZING CRIMINAL MEANS TO CONTROL. USURPATION AND ILLEGITITIMATE AUTHORITY ARE FORMS OF WITHCRAFT. THE GOAL IS TO CONTROL VIA DEFRAUD, LAWLESS AUTHORITY. THIS IS WITHCRAFT! WITCHCRAFT OPERATES THROUGH SUCH ACTIVITIES AS SPELLS AND CURSES. WITCHCRAFT NEVER CAME TO DO MANKIND ANY GOOD. JESUS SAID IN JOHN 10:10, THE THEIF DOES NOT COME EXCEPT TO STEAL AND TO KILL AND TO DESTROY, WHEN PEOPLE ENTERTAIN THE THIEF, THEY CAN EXPECT HIM TO DO EXACTLY THOSE THREE THINGS. IN THIS DOCUMENTATION, THE THEIF HAS STOLEN WE THE PEOPLE’S MONEY VIA TAX DEFRAUD, LAWLESS CREDIT, DEBITS, ETC HE HAS KILLED MILLIONS OF INNOCENT PEOPLE AND IS CURRENTLY WORKING ON DESTROYING THE EARTH VIA MULTIPLE DEADLY, DECEPTIONS AND INFESTATIONS. THERE ARE THREE EXPRESSIONS OF WITHCRAFT EVIDENCED IN THE SATANIC RITUAL ABUSE ADMINISRATION DETAILED IN THIS WEB SITE. THE THREE KEY ACTIVITIES INCLUDE: DOMINATION, MANIPULATION/DUPING, AND INTIMIDATION. THESE ACTIVITES ARE EXEMPLIFIED THROUGHOUT THE DOCUMENTATION DOCUMENTING SATANIC RITUAL ABUSE ADMINISTRATION. THE WITCHCRAFT IN THIS ADMINISTRATION IS THE POWER BRANCH. ITS PRODUCT IS POWER AND IT OPERATES THROUGH SUCH ACTIVITIES AS SPELLS AND CURSES. CURSES ARE A SINGLE MOST POWERFUL WEAPON OF WITCHCRAFT AND ARE A VERY OLD PRACTICE. IN THE BIBLE IN NUMBERS 22, WE FIND BALAAM, WHO WAS A WITCH DOCTOR USED TO CURSE THE ENEMY IN WARS. NUMBERS 22: 10-11 AND BALAAM SAID UNTO GOD, BALAK THE SON OF ZIPPOR, KING OF MOAB, HATH SENT UNTO ME SAYING, BEHOLD THERE IS A PEOPLE COME OUT OF EGYPT, THEY COVERETH THE FACE OF THE EARTH; COME NOW, CURSE THEM FOR ME, PERHAPS I SHALL BE ABLE TO OVERPOWER THEM AND DRIVE THEM OUT. IN THE BIBLE DAYS IT WAS NORMAL PRACTICE FOR KINGS OR OTHERS GOING TO WAR TO NOT MERELY FIGHT ON THE NATURAL PLANE, BUT TO MAKE WAR ON THE SPIRITUAL ON THE SUPERNATURAL PLANE ALSO. THEY WOULD GET THEIR WITCH DOCTOR, THEIR BOYDEN GRAY, TO CURSE THE ENEMY. I HAVE NEVER SEEN THE HIRING OF A WITCH DOCTOR TO CURSE THE PEOPLE IN WHICH ONE WAS DUTY BOUND BY OATH TO PROTECT. ABOVE ALL, LOOKING AT THE ABOVE, ONE CAN INTERPRET IT AS, SINCE THE BIBLE DAYS, RULERS OF DARKNESS HAVE BEEN TRYING TO OVERPOWER EGYPT/AFRICA AND DRIVE THE PEOPLE OUT FOR THE DOCUMENTED GOLD, DIAMONDS AND BIBLICAL RICHES GOD HAS PLANTED ON THEIR SOIL! ACCORDING TO GENESIS 2: 12-13, IT STATES THAT: AND THE GOLD OF THAT LAND IS GOOD. THERE IS BDELLIUM AND THE ONYX STONE/DIAMONDS! AND THE NAME OF THE SECOND RIVER IS GIHON, THE SAME IS IT THAT COMPASSTH THE WHOLE LAND OF ETHIOPIA! GOD CREATED BIBLICAL RICHES IN AFRICA AND THESE DEMONS HAVE DONE EVERYTHING TO RID THE PEOPLE FROM THEIR COUNRTY TO GET TO THE BIBLICAL RICHES. IT APPEARS THAT THE ONLY ONES STUDYING THE BIBLE AND THE BIBLICAL RICHES ALLOCATIONS AND DISEMINATIONS THROUGH ALMIGHTY GOD’S CREATIONS, ARE SATANISTS. UNFORTUNATELY, OUR LEADERSHIP, JUDGES, LAWYERS, PUBLIC OFFICIALS, AND OTHERS ARE NOT STUDYING TRUE LEADERSHIP EXEMPLIFYING WHERE THE VICTORY WAS WON. WHY? BECAUSE WE THE PEOPLE HAVE PUT TOO MUCH EMPHASIS IN WORLDY POSSESSIONS OVER BIBLICAL KNOWLEDGE, GROWTH AND ENLIGHTENMENT. CONSEQUENTLY, DUE TO THIS WE HAVE ALLOWED SATAN TO REIGN THROUGH DEFRAUD. BUT THE GOOD NEWS IS, IT’S NOT TOO LATE TO FIRE THE DEVIL AND HIS REIGN AND ENFORCE GODLY MEANS THAT WILL NEVER ALLOW THESE MASTER DECEPTIONS TO REIGN AGAIN! LIVING PUSUANT TO GOD’S LAWS FIRST AND FOREMOST AND ENFORCING GOD PROTECTION WALLS OF AUTHORITY CALLED LAWS IS A STEP IN RETAKING THIS EARTH AND LIVING IN VICTORY. THE QUESTIONS OF THE CENTURY ARE: ARE PRESIDENTS HIRING LEGAL ADVISORS THAT SPECIALIZE IN WITHCRAFT, SATANIC RITUAL ABUSE AND INFLICTING CURSINGS? IF SO, ARE PRESIDENTS READY TO DEALWITH THE CRIMINAL AND DEADLY RAMIFICATIONS FOR SUCH CRIMINAL PLANNING? THE SECOND BRANCH OF WITHCRAFT UTILIZED IN THIS SATANIC ADMINISTRATION I AM DOCUMENTING IS DIVINATION. IT IS CALLED THE KNOWLEDGE BRANCH OF WITHCRAFT WHICH IS EMBEDDED IN PREDICTIONS. THIS IS EXEMPLIFIED IN THE ASTROLOGICAL MOONS THE UNITED STATES MILITARY IS TEACHING THE SOLDIERS TO FOLLOW. I WILL POST THIS LATER. THESE RECOMMENDATIONS ARE COMING OUT OF THE PSYCHOLGICAL OPS PROGRAMS UNDER THE GRAY FAMILY DEAD AND ALIVE CONTINUING REIGN. THE MILITARY INFLICTED ASTROLOGICAL MOON FOLLOWING IS NOTHING MORE THAN INFLICTED WITHCRAFT UNBEKNOWNST TO MANY. THIS INFLICTS A PYTHON SPIRIT, WHICH IS A SNAKES’ SPIRIT OF UNUSUAL KNOWLEDGE AND WISDOM. THE THIRD BRANCH OF WITHCRAFT IS SORCERY. SORCERY OPERATES THROUGH DRUGS. I WILL DEMONSTRATE IN A POSTING HOW LSD WAS ADMINISTERED THROUGH GOVERNMENT NEWLY CREATED PSYCHOLOGICAL OPERATIONS PROGRAMS HEADED BY GORDON GRAY, BOYDEN GRAY’S FATHER. PLEASE NOTE SORCERY IS DIRECTLY FORMED FROM THE GREEK WORD FOR “A DRUG”THE ENTIRE DRUG CULTURE AS EPITOMIZED IN THIS WEB SITE DEMONSTRATES A CLEAR EXAMPLE OF SORCERY AT WORK. REVELATION 9: 20-21 TALKS ABOUT SORCERY. IT STATES THAT: THE REST OF MANKIND NOT KILLED BY THESE PLAGUES, DID NOT REPENT OF THE WORKS OF THEIR HANDS, THAT THEY SHOULD NOT WORSHIP DEMONS, IDOLS OF GOLD, SILVER, BRASS, STONE AND WOOD, WHICH CAN NEITHER SEE NOR HEAR NOR WALK, AND THEY DID NOT REPENT OF THEIR MURDERS OR THEIR SORCERIES OR THEIR FORNICATION OR THEIR THEFTS. IN ADDITION TO THE ABOVE ADMINISTERED AND INFLICTED WITHCRAFT MANIFESTATIONS AND ADMINISTRATIONS, EACH OF THE VICTIMS STORIES ON THE VICTIM SECTION OF THIS WEB SITE, IDENTIFY BEING VICTIMIZED BY THE FOLLOWING SATANIC RITUAL ABUSE ADMINISTRATIONS: 1. ELECTRONIC SHOCK, ELECTROMAGNETIC WEAPONRY/BEAMINGS/BEATINGS, 2. INDUCED DEADLY SLEEP DEPRIVATION, 3. LETHAL MIND CONTROL AND OR MIND CONTROL RAPINGS, 4. INDUCED TRAUMA, IN ADDITION, MANY CHILDREN AND PEOPLE HAVE BEEN KILLED AND OR DEFRAUD INJECTED WITH DEADLY PATHOGENS. THIS IS CALLED PURE DEADLY SATANIC RITUAL ABUSE/WITHCRAFT ADMINISTRATION AND INFILTRATION. ALL OF THESE CRIMES ARE SATANIC CHARACTERISTICS OF WITHCHCRAFT AND SATANIC RITUAL ABUSE ADMINISTRATION. THE CURSE IS EXEMPLIFIED IN THE NOTHING BEING DONE ABOUT THESE CRIMES DESPITE PROTECTIVE LAWS AND THE SECRECY USED TO SUBTERFUGE THE CRIMES. FINALLY, IT IS MY HOPE THAT GODLY PEOPLE WHO SEEK THE END TO THESE SATANIC MASTERMINDED MANIFESTATIONS AND MASS MURDERS, WILL DO THE GODLY THING IN ASSISTING WITH FUNDING SO I CAN EAT, HAVE TRANSPORTATION, AND PAY BILLS, WHILE DOING WHAT GOD HAS AUTHORIZED ME TO DO TO DOCUMENT AND END THESE ORGANIZED SATANIC CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY. BY SATANIC DESIGN AND ADMINISTRATION, I HAVE BEEN LAWLESSLY OUSTED FROM MULTIPLE QUALIFYING JOBS AND INCOME. THE PSYCHOTIC ENVY SPIRIT CURSE AND INFILTRATION DESCRIBED ABOVE IS FESTERING. TO THIS END, I DECREE SEEING GOD’S PEOPLE MANIFESTED LOVE FOR ONE ANOTHER EXEMPLIFED IN MY MAIL BOX, FACILIATATING AN END TO THESE DOCUMENTED CRIMES. FAITH WITHOUT THE WORK OF GODLY PEOPLE WORKING TOGETHER SHOWING LOVE, COMPASSION AND CONCERN FOR ONE ANOTHER, IS MEANINGLESS. THE DEVIL IS A LIAR AND AS SUCH, HIS CURSED FINANCIAL CRIMES WILL BE EXPOSED FOR WHAT THEY ARE. AS A CHILD OF GOD, I DO NOT OPERATE IN DARKNESS. CONSEQUENTLY, I AM NOT GOING TO SIT HERE AND SUFFER QUIETLY, IN DARKNESS. THE WORLD MUST KNOW WHAT IS BEING INFLICTED UNDER SATANIC RITUAL ABUSE ADMINISTRATION. FINANCIAL CURSES THAT CAN BE BROKEN ARE BEING RENDERED VIA THE SAME METHODS ORGANIZED CRIMES ARE BEING IGNORED AND GOD CREATED WALLS OF PROTECTION ARE BEING OBSTRUCTED. I DECREE THE BREAKING OF THE FINANCIAL CURSE VIA EVERY GOD LOVING PERSON AND ORGANIZATION STEPPING TO THE PLATE AND DEMOSTRATING FINANCIAL CONCERN FOR THE WELL BEING OF THIS VICTIM AND OTHERS. DESPITE ALL, I WILL DO WHAT GOD HAS ORDAINED ME TO DO, KNOWING THAT SUCH HAS GREAT RECOMPENCE OF REWARD. UNTIL THE REWARD, IT WOULD GREATLY HELP TO SEE THE GODLY SPIRIT OF HUMANKIND WORKING TOGETHER IN MY MAIL BOX. A PART OF THIS REGIME’S CURSINGS, IS FINANCIAL DESTRUCTION. AS SUCH, I DECREE THE FINANCIAL DESTRUCTION CURSE, AS WELL AS THE DEFRAUD HIERARCHAL POWER AND CONTROL CURSE ATTACHED TO THE UNITED STAES DEPARTMENT OF TREASURY TO BE BROKEN AND RENOUNCED IN JESUS NAME. I DECREE THE SOVEREIGN POWER OF ALMIGHTY GOD AS THE SOLE RULER OVER THE PEOPLE OF THIS WORLD, THE GOVERNMENTS OF THIS WORLD, AND THE UNITED STATES TREASURY DEPARTMENTS, IN JESUS NAME. BELOW YOU WILL FIND THE ORIGINAL WRITE UP UNDER THIS SECTION. IT WAS TITLED TRAUMA. I HAVE CHANGED THE TITLE TO ILLUSTRATE BOYDEN GRAY’S CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY. I AM USING THIS SECTION BECAUSE, PEOPLE PREFER AND SOMETIMES LEARN BETTER WITH PICTURES. THE PICTURES WILL BE UPDATED LATER. BELOW IS THE ORIGINAL WRITING. IT REFERS TO THE SAME CRIMINAL INDUCED TRAUMA KILLINGS CONSPIRED AND MANIFESTED BY BOYDEN GRAY AND HIS RETINUE OF DEMONS. THE ONLY DIFFERENCE IS THAT THE BELOW WAS WRITTEN PRIOR TO THE DISCOVERY OF BOYDEN GRAY’S MASTER CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY. I THOUGHT THAT GOVERNMENT GOD CREATED WALLS OF PROTECTION WOULD HAVE BEEN USED TO DECIPHER THE REST OF THE CRIMES AFTER I PRESENTED THEM WITH JONATHAN LIPPMAN AND ADAM URBANSKI’S DEADLY DUAL LIVES AND CRIMES. I DID NOT KNOW THAT THE ONLY WAY THESE CRIMES AND KILLINGS WOULD BE EXPOSED AND STOPPED WAS VIA MY DOCUMENTATION, DESPITE LACK OF FUNDS. IT IS A SAD DAY IN AMERICA THAT WE THE PEOPLE HAVE BEEN INFLICTED WITH AND COMPELLED TO WATCH SATANIC RITUAL ABUSE ADMINISTRATION RULE. DESPITE ALL, THE PEOPLE HAVE THE AUTHORITY. AS SUCH, I IMPLORE THE PEOPLE READING THIS TO EXERCISE THEIR GOD GIVEN AUTHORITY OVER SATAN AND HIS RETINUE OF DEMONS ATTEMPTS TO DESTROY THIS WORLD VIA INFLICTED MASTER AND DEADLY DECEPTIONS. I IMPLORE ALL TO STOP THESE CRIMES IMMEDIATELY. I PRAY THE UNITED STATES WILL BEGIN TO MANIFEST ITS GOD GIVEN AUTHORITY OVER SATAN, VIA PEOPLE LIVING FIRST AND FOREMOST PURSUANT TO GOD’S DIVINE LAWS, THEREAFTER THE RESURRECTION AND ENFORCEMENT OF GOD CREATED WALLS OF PROTECTION, AND THE USE AND ENFORCEMENT OF MAN MADE LAWS TO COMPLIMENT AND ADVANCE GOD’S BASIC DIVINE LAWS. BELOW IS THE ORIGINAL TRAUMA WRITE UP. I HOPE YOU LEARN FROM THIS VISIT TO MY WEB SITE. ABOVE ALL, I PRAY THAT GODLY LEADERSHIP WILL RESURRECT AND RETAKE THE LAND FROM DARK FORCES CONTROL AND ALLOW GOD’S EARTH TO LIVE IN VICTORY OVER SATANIC FORCES AS AUTHORIZED BY GOD VIA THE BLOOD SACRIFICED ON THE CROSS. THANK YOU. UNDER THE BOYDEN GRAY AND JONATHAN LIPPMAN DEFRAUD KILLING OPERATIONS, INDUCED TRAUMA HOSPITAL PLACEMENTS EFFECTUATE BOYDEN GRAY'S PSYCHOTIC DEMON POSSESSED DISREGARD FOR HUMAN LIFE, INDUCED, WELL FINANCED, CONSPIRED DEFRAUD KILLING! DUAL LIFE , CONFLICT OF INTEREST,UNREGULATED, EASY ACCESS TO DEADLY PATHOGENS/HORMONES, CAUSING CANCER AND OTHER DISEASES. INFLICTED CRIMINAL SATANIC RITUAL ABUSE, INCLUDING DEADLY SLEEP LABORATORY TORTURE/DEPRIVATION, AND OR MALICIOUS RADIOLOGY WEAPONRY, CRIMINAL, PSYCHOTIC ELECTRONIC SHOCKING. THESE CRIMES INDUCE HOSPITAL TRAUMA PLACEMENTS EFFECTIVELY, PUTS THE TARGET AT THE MERCY OF THE MEDICAL SYSTEM, WHILE JONATHAN LIPPMAN'S 2 BILLION DOLLAR BUDGET IS UNREGULATED. __________________________________________________________________ EACH OF THE ABOVE CRIMINAL SCHEMES ARE MANIFESTED FROM THE PSYCHOTIC MASTERMINDED EXPANSION AND DIVERSIFICATION OF BOYDEN GRAY'S DEMON POSSESSION OVER DEADLY PATHOGEN ADMINISTRATION EUGENICS. TO UNDERSTAND WHAT CREATES AN INDUCED HOSPITAL PLACEMENT AND OR AN INDUCED TRAUMA PLACEMENT IN THE HOSPITAL, ONE MUST UNDERSTAND EUGENICS, SATANIC RITUAL ABUSE, CRIMINAL PATHOGEN ADMINISTRATION AND EASY ACCESS TO DEADLY PATHOGENS, AS WELL AS ORGANIZED CRIME. BECAUSE JONATHAN LIPPMAN'S DEMONIC RETINUE HAS EFFECTIVELY DEFRAUDED THE PUBLIC AND KILLED EFFECTIVELY VIA EUGENICS, IT HAS TAKEN EUGENICS TO THE NEXT LEVEL, WHICH IS DIVERSIFICATION AND EXPANSION. THEY HAVE EXPANDED AND DIVERSIFED THE EUGENIC KILLING OPERATION, DUE TO THE INJECTION DEFRAUD EFFECTIVENESS. CONSEQUENTLY, THEY HAVE METHODICALLY MASTERMINDED SEVERAL METHODS, TO GET A VICTIM/TARGET TO THE HOSPITAL, SO THE DEFRAUD, WELL FINANCED, EXPERT INJECTION CAN BE RENDERED UNDER THE DISGUISE OF A PHENOMENON. THEY HAVE USED CRIMINAL DISEASE TO SUBTERFUGE THE KILLING OF THEIR TARGETS. JONATHAN LIPPMAN WAS PLANTED IN THE WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION AND THE UNIVERSITY OF ROCHESTER MEDICAL CENTER, WITH AN UNREGULATED 2 BILLION DOLLAR BUDGET, FOR NO OTHER PURPOSE BUT FOR EASY ACCESS TO DEADLY PATHOGENS. THIS EASY ACCESS TO DEADLY PATHOGENS IS FOR DEMOCIDE, THE KILLING OF PEOPLE FOR POLITICAL, ETHNIC, UNDESERVED POWER AND CONTROL AND MASS MURDER REASONS. JONATHAN LIPPMAN WAS DEMONICALLY PLANTED IN THE WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION AND THE UNIVERSITY OF ROCHESTER MEDICAL CENTER FOR NO OTHER REASON BUT TO HAVE EASY ACCESS TO DEADLY PATHOGENS. HIS 2 BILLION DOLLAR UNREGULATED BUDGET COMPLIMENTED AND COMPLIMENTS THIS AFFILIATION AND MEDICAL ATROCITY. BECAUSE OF THE EFFECTIVE DEFRAUD RESULTS OF KILLING EUGENICALLY IN AFRICA, JONATHAN LIPPMAN AND HIS RETINUE OF DEMONS HAVE EXPANDED AND DIVERSIFIED THEIR KILLING OPERATIONS. THEY HAVE MASTERMINDED THE USE OF CRIMINAL EUGENICS TO RID ANYONE THEY DEEM, BECAUSE OF THE EFFECTIVE DEFRAUD CRIMINAL EUGENICS INFLICTED ON AFRICA. DEFRAUD PATHOGENS WERE NOT GOOD FOR AFRICA AND ARE NOT GOOD FOR AMERICA. DEADLY PATHOGEN ADMINISTRATION WAS USED FOR CRIMINAL EUGENICS IN AFRICA AND DEADLY PATHOGEN ADMINISTRATION IS USED FOR HIT MAN SERVICES IN THE UNITED STATES, BECAUSE OF THE EFFECTIVE DEFRAUD RESULTS. BECAUSE OF THE EFFECTIVE KILLING DEFRAUD IN AFRICA, THEY HAVE EXPANDED AND DIVERSIFIED THEIR KILLING OPERATIONS. THEY HAVE FOUND THAT PATHOGEN ADMINISTRATTION VIA DEFRAUD INNOCULATION, IS AN EFFECTIVE METHOD TO KILL ANYONE WITHOUT A SPEC OF EVIDENCE. THEY THOUGHT! IN ORDER TO MAKE CRIMINAL EXPANDED AND DIVERSIFIED EUGENICS WORK VIA DEFRAUD INNOCULATION, FOR THE GENERAL POPULATION, A HOSPITAL INDUCED PLACEMENT PROGRAM IS NEEDED. INITIALLY, THIS IS WHERE BROTHERLY ADAM URBANSKI’S DEADLY SLEEP LABORATORY TORTURE AND RADIOLOGY WEAPONRY, ELECTRONIC SHOCKING WAS NEEDED AND USED. INDUCED DEADLY SLEEP LABORATORY RESEARCH IS USED WITH SATANIC RITUAL ABUSE. THIS SHOULD EFFECTIVELY INDUCE AN EMERGENCY ROOM TRAUMA PATIENT HOSPITAL PLACEMENT. THE CRIMINAL COMBINATION OF DEADLY SLEEP RESEARCH TORTURE AND SATANIC RITUAL ABUSE EFFECTIVELY CREATES A TRAUMA PATIENT. HOWEVER, THEY HAVE OTHER CRIMINAL MECHANISMS TO INDUCE TRAUMA AND OR HOSPITALIZATION. JONATHAN LIPPMAN’S EASY ACCESS TO DEADLY PATHOGENS ALLOWS THE RETINUE TO HAVE EASY ACCESS TO CANCER CAUSING AND OTHER DEADLY PATHOGEN CAUSING AGENTS. THEY ARE USING HORMONES AND OTHER DEADLY AGENTS TO INDUCE CANCER FOR NO OTHER PURPOSE BUT TO CRIMINALLY INDUCE HOSPITALIZATION SO THE DEFRAUD INJECTIONS CAN BE RENDERED UNDER THE LYING WONDERS SPIRIT OF A PHENOMENON. JONATHAN LIPPMAN’S EASY ACCESS TO DEADLY PATHOGENS IS A NATIONAL PUBLIC SAFETY THREAT BECAUSE HIS RETINUE AND HIM ARE USING DEADLY PATHOGEN AGENTS TO INDUCE CRIMINAL HOSPITALIZATIONS, TO MAKE WAY FOR DEFRAUD INNOCULATIONS THAT KILL AND NEUTRALIZE FOR DEMONIC PURPOSES ASSOCIATED WITH ENVY, REVENGE , NON DESERVED POWER,/ CONTROL, RETRIBUTION, AND OTHER PSYCHOTIC, UNGODLY, REASONS. THE DEADLY CANCER CAUSING AGENTS ARE BEING PUT IN PEOPLES FOOD, WATER, AND OTHER SOURCES VIA UNREGULATED CRIMINAL GANG STALKING. SEE THE STALKING SECTION AND THE VICTIMS WEB SITES ON MY HOMEPAGE. IN SUMMARY, THIS RETINUE IS USING INDUCED, DEADLY SLEEP DEPRIVATION RESEARCH, COUPLED WITH LAWLESS ELECTRONIC SHOCKING AND SATANIC RITUAL ABUSE/TORTURE ON LOCAL EMPLOYEES TO INDUCE CRIMINAL HOSPITAL TRAUMA PLACEMENTS THAT WILL CREATE, NON EXISTENT, LAWLESS MENTAL RECORDS THAT MAKE WAY FOR AND ADVANCE LAWLESS INCOME EXECUTIONS OF THE TARGET. THIS CRIMINAL INFLICTED PLOY IS INFLICTED AND REPLICATED SYSTEMATICALLY ON VICTIMS. THIS CRIMINAL PRACTICE IS BEING IMPLEMENTED AT EPIDEMIC LEVELS NOTED IN THE VICTIMS SECTION OF MY HOMEPAGE. WITH RESPECT TO DOCTORS, LAWYERS, JUDGES, AND OTHER PROFESSIONALS, CHIEFLY, IN LEADERSHIP, POLITICS, POWER AND CONTROL POSITIONS, THEY ARE TARGETED FOR THE EXPANDED AND DIVERSIFIED EUGENIC KILLING PROGRAM. THIS CRIMINAL PROGRAM USES JONATHAN LIPPMAN’S EASY ACCESS TO DEADLY CANCER CAUSING AGENTS. DEADLY DISEASE CAUSING AGENTS, LIIKE CRIMINAL HORMONES, ARE PLACED IN THE VICTIM’S FOOD AND OR WATER VIA UNREGULATED CRIMINAL GANG STALKING. SEE STALKING ON MY HOMEPAGE FOR UNDERSTANDING OF THIS UNREGULATED CRIME. THE VICTIM IS LAWLESSLY MONITORED UNTIL AN INDUCED CRIMINAL HOSPITAL PLACEMENT IS IMPLEMENTED. DEPENDING ON THE HOSPITAL, AND OR ITS GANG STALKING FORMULATION, MONIES ARE EXCHANGED TO EITHER EXECUTE AND OR NEUTRALIZE THE TARGET UNDER THE DEFRAUD OF A CRIMINAL INJECTION THAT JONATHAN LIPPMAN HAS THE INGREDIENTS AND DOSAGE FOR. JONATHAN LIPPMAN’S LAWLESS LEADERSHIP AFFILIATIONS WITH DEADLY PATHOGENS, HORMONES, AND DISEASE CAUSING AGENTS IS A NATIONAL SECURITY ATROCITY, THAT IS BEYOND AN INDUCED CRIMINAL HOSPITAL PLACEMENT AND A CONFLICT OF INTEREST. PATHOGEN DEFRAUD IS EPITOMIZED IN THE PHENOMENA NEUTRALIZATION OF MANY FREEDOM TO FACISM LEADERS, CIVIL RIGHTS, LAWYERS, AND LEADERS. THE JUDICIARY IS UNDER THE HIGHEST LEVEL OF THREAT AS JONATHAN LIPPMAN’S TRESPASS AND DEADLY PATHOGEN DUAL LIFE THREATENS EVERY JUDGE’S ABILITY TO DECIDE, AS THEIR LIVES ARE THREATENED BY VIRTUE OF RETALIATION, SHOULD THIS PSYCHOTIC NOT AGREE WITH THEIR DECISION MAKING... ABOVE ALL, KEY DECISIONS ARE MANIPULATED BY VIRTUE OF A JUDGE JUST WANTING TO STAY ALIVE AND LIVE FREE FROM INFLICTED DEADLY DISEASE AND CRIMINAL INDUCED HOSPITALIZATIONS, MASTERMINDED UNDER THE CAN YOU PROVE IT PHENOMENON OF INJUSTICE! THE ABOVE LAWLESS PRACTICES EFFECTIVELY INDUCE CRIMAL HOSPITALIZATION AND THE CRIMINAL CREATION OF AN INDUCED TRAUMA PATIENT. JONATHAN LIPPMAN HAS INFLICTED THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA VIA HIS EUGENIC BROTHERLY CRIMINAL NETWORKING, WITH GODLESS, DEMONIC, DEADLY DISEASE INFILTRATION, RUTHLESS INJUSTICE, CIVILIZATION RETARDATION, CREATION OF PHENOMENA CRIMES LIKE GANG STALKING THAT GOES UNREGULATED, AND HAS PUT THE COUNTRY AT A NATIONAL THREAT LEVEL OF ANARCHY. THE PEOPLE MUST CORRECT THIS, SO THE NEXT GENERATION WILL NOT SUFFER THE RAMIFICATIONS FOR SUCH LETHAL, CRIMINAL, DEFRAUD, INCOMPETENT LAWLESS LEADERSHIP. WITH REGARDS TO JONATHAN LIPPMAN'S BROTHERLY SATANIC RITUAL ABUSE, IT IS IDENTIFIED AS SRA AND THIS IS BRIEFLY DESCRIBED IN ANY ENCLYCLOPEDIA. JONATHAN LIPPMAN AND ADAM URBANSKI'S NON EUGENIC DISGUISED KILLING OPERATIONS, THAT ARE TAUGHT UNIVERSALLY, SYSTEMATICALLY AND REGULARLY EPITOMIZE SRA CHARACTERISTICS, WHICH ARE LISTED BELOW. THIS KILLING OPERATION IS SIMILAR TO THE AFRICA OPERATION BECAUSE THE FINALEE REQUIRES THE DEFRAUDED LETHAL INJECTION. THE DEFRAUD INJECTION COMES AFTER THE DEFRAUD CRIMINAL INDUCED TRAUMA, WHICH COULD BE INFLICTED DEADLY SLEEP LABORATORY RESEARCH WITH CRIMINAL HYPNOSIS AND NEUROSCIENCE. THE CRIMINAL NEUROSCIENCE IS ADMINISTERED TO MAKE SURE THE VICTM DOES NOT REMEMBER THE ADMINISTRATION OF THE CRIMINAL SLEEP LABORATORY RESEARCH. CRIMINAL SLEEP DEPRIVATION IS AN EFFECTIVE MEANS FOR MAKING SURE SOMEONE ENDS UP A TRAUMA PATIENT. IF THIS DOES NOT WORK, LIPPMAN HAS THE OLD DEADLY PATHOGENS AND HORMONES, THAT INDUCE CANCER. IF THIS DOES NOT WORK, URBANSKI HAS HIS RADIOLOGY WEAPONRY. ONCE THE VICTIM IS IN THE HOSPITAL, THE FIESTA IS OVER, LIPPMAN'S EASY ACCESS TO DEADLY PATHOGENS ALLOWS HIM TO DETERMINE THE DEADLY PATHOGEN AND THE DOSAGE OF THIS DEADLY PATHOGEN THAT THE TARGET WILL BE SUBJECTED TO. JONATHAN LIPPMAN AND ADAM URBANSKI ARE PUBLIC SAFETY THREATS TO EVERY HUMAN BEING ON THIS EARTH. PLEASE NOTE THE ABOVE HIT IS USUALLY FOR JUDGES, LAWYERS, TEACHERS, AND PROFESSIONALS, THIS PSYCHOTIC REGIME IS THREATENED FROM. MANY PEOPLE DO NOT WANT TO BELIEVE THINGS LIKE THIS ACTUALLY HAPPEN, BUT THERE ARE TOO MANY DEAD PEOPLE BEHIND THIS OPERATION, THAT ARE LISTED AS PHENOMENA, WHEN THERE IS NO PHENOMENA, THEY WERE KILLED BY DESIGN, JUST LIKE THE DEADLY DESIGN EPITOMIZED IN MY GALLERIA. MOST PEOPLE ARE SIMPLY UNAWARE OR TOO NAIVE TO THINK THAT DEMONS ROAM THE EARTH SEEKING WHOM THEY CAN DEVOUR AND DESTROY. NO ONE BELIEVES IT, UNTIL IT IS TOO LATE. JONATHAN LIPPMAN AND ADAM URBANSKI HAVE BEEN HIT MEN FOR A LONG TIME. THEY ARE EFFECTIVE WORKERS FOR SATAN. ABOVE ALL, RESEARCH SHOWS THAT SATANIC RITUAL ABUSE HAS INFILTRATED POLITICS, THE POLICE, AND THE LEGAL AND MEDICAL PROFESSION. ALSO , FUNDING FOR RESEARCH INTO THE FALSE MEMORY SYNDROME STEMS FROM SATANIC RITUAL ABUSES. THESE ARE ALL DECEPTIVE PRACTICES. JONATHAN LIPPMAN AND ADAM URBANSKI'S DEADLY DUAL LIVES, COUPLED WITH EASY ACCESS TO POLITICAL PROTECTION, EQUALS THE FORMULA FOR MASS MURDER PRODUCTION, STEMMING WITH INDUCED TRAUMA, EFFECTUATING, HUMAN ATROCITIES UNDER THE DISGUISE OF PHENOMENA. ADD THE FOLLOWING : INDUCED TRAUMA PHENOMENA DETANGLED! * PUBLIC SERVANT JUDGE AND DEADLY PATHOGEN ADMINISTRATOR CRIMINAL, EXEMPLIFYING EXPERTISE IN INDUCING TRAUMA AND KILLING UNDER DEFRAUD VIA SATANIC RITUAL ABUSE, SPECIFICALLY, ELECTRONIC SHOCKING, USAGE OF OBSTRUCTIVE NEUROSCIENCE, INCLUDING, LETHAL, TORTURE, MIND CONTROL, MYSTICAL MANIPULATION, CHEMICAL: INJECTIONS AND DRUGS/HORMONES THAT CAUSE CANCER, SYSTEMATIC INFLICTION OF POWERLESSNESS, INFLICTION OF LAWLESS BRAIN HACKING, NEUROSCIENCE ABUSE RAPE AND OR NECROPHILIA. THESE SATANIC RITUAL CRIMINAL ABSUES EFFECTIVELY INDUCE TRAUMA. ASK LIPPMAN OR URBAMSKI, THE EXPERTS! * UNION PRESIDENT AND DEADLY SLEEP LABORATORY RESEARCH TORTURE CRIMINAL, EXEMPLIFING EXPERTISE IN SATANIC RITUAL ABUSE, INDUCED TRAUMA VIA INDUCED DEADLY SLEEP DEPRIVATION,ELECTRONIC/RADIOLOGY, WEAPONRY AND SHOCK, AND URINATING ON THE VICTIMS. EACH CRIME IS PART OF SATANIC RITUAL ABUSE. * CRIMINAL EUGENICIST AND BAR ASSOCIATION MANIPULATOR, * DISREGARDED CONFLICT OF INTEREST DEADLY DUAL LIVES, * EASY ACCESS TO CORRUPTED POLITICAL PROTECTION, * SATANIC,RUTHLESS, NEUROSCIENCE/MIND CONTROL, * INDUCED TORTURE SLEEP RESEARCH/DEPRIVATION, * LETHAL RADIOLOGY WEAPONRY PHENOMENA, * SATANIC WORKPLACE AND HOME GANG STALKING, * SATANIC RETARDATION OF ALL UNIVERSAL AND HUMAN LEGAL PROTECTIONS, * SATANIC, LAWLESS INCOME EXECUTIONS, * SATANIC, VICIOUS, MALICIOUS, MULTIPLE, REPEATED, ECONOMIC CRIMES: LAWLESS INCOME LYNCHINGS, BLACKMAIL, AND BLACKLISTINGS, * SATANIC, GANG STALKING HOSPITAL ADMINISTRATION, FINALEE = DEADLY PATHOGEN DEFRAUD ADMINISTRATION FINALEE + EASY ACCESS TO CORRUPTED POLITICAL PROTECTION EQUALS MASS MURDER PRODUCTIONS UNDER THE DISGUISE OF SATANIC, LYING WONDERS, ADMINISTRATIVE PHENOMENA! ___________________________ THE ABOVE IS THE FORMULA FOR MASS MURDER PRODUCTION TITLED: THE JONATHAN LIPPMAN AND ADAM URBANSKI MULTIFACETED, SATANIC STALKING, OBSTRUCTION OF EDUCATION CRIMINAL CORPORATE MENTORING OF CAN YOU PROVE IT, WHILE I KILL OPERATIONS! ___________________________ SEE THE BELOW PHENOMENA EXPLAINED VIDEOS REQUIRING LEGISLATION TO COMBAT AND REGULATE THESE ORGANIZED HATE CRIME ADMINISTRATIONS DISGUISED AS PHENOMENA. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vVmJKtSFVp4 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4lszFdCIyv4 ___________________________________ READING IS POWER AND POWER IS KNOWLEDGE! READ! ___________________________________ The Relationship Between Mind Control Programming and Ritual Abuse, by Ellen P. Lacter, Ph.D. (Revised 11-14-2004) Organizations with a wide range of political and criminal agendas have historically relied on coercive interrogation and brainwashing of various types to force submission and information from enemies and victims, and to indoctrinate and increase cooperation in members and captors. In modern times, these techniques are used by political /military/espionage organizations, race/ethnic hate-groups , criminal groups (e.g., child pornographers and sex rings, and international traffickers of women, children, guns, and drugs) and exploitative and destructive cults with spiritual or other agendas. Methods of "thought reform" used by such groups include intimidation, social isolation, religious indoctrination, threats against victims or their loved ones, torture , torture of co-captives, and brainwashing through social influence or deprivation of basic needs, such as sleep or food (see Releasing the Bonds: Empowering People to Think for Themselves (2000), by Steven Hassan). Mental health and law enforcement professionals working with severe trauma are increasingly seeing victims of torture for the purpose of installation of more covert mind control, that is, mind control that was "installed" in a deeply dissociated (without conscious awareness) state, and controls the person from these unconscious, dissociated, states of mind (Boyd, 1991; Coleman, 1994; Hersha, Hersha, Griffis, & Schwarz, 2001; Katchen & Sakheim, 1992; Keith, 1998; Marks, 1979; Neswald & Gould, 1993; Neswald, Gould, & Graham-Costain, 1991; Noblitt & Perskin, 2000; Oksana, 2001; Ross, 2000; Ryder, 1992; Rutz, 2001; Sheflin & Opton, 1978; Smith, 1993; Weinstein, 1990). The evidence of the existence of covert mind control has begun to surface in the legal arena as well (e.g., Orlikow v. U.S., 682 F.S. 77 (D.D.C. 1988). The following list describes 12 forms of mind control, beginning with thought reform that is registered consciously, with memory, through the most covert forms of mind control, in which the individual has no memory of the installation, and is controlled beyond conscious awareness. Levels of Brainwashing and Mind Control from Least to Most Complex and Binding, and often used in combination, especially in ritual abuse: 1. Terrified Submission : Outward compliance, but one's own beliefs and identity are preserved. 2. Willful Compliance: A disturbed or abused child/adolescent/adult is provided with objects, drugs, affection, sex, "freedom", etc., and chooses the abuser over his/her current life situation. 3. Stockholm Syndrome: Terror (abuser harms victim or threatens victim and his/her family with violence), plus isolation from prior support, often combined with lies of family abandonment, lead to dependence on abuser(s), and perceived loyalty to the abuser. At 10:15 A.M. on Thursday, August 23rd, 1973 the "Sveriges Kreditbank" of Stockholm, Sweden was rocked by sub-machine gun fire.(1) "The party has just begun", announced a 32 year old prison escapee named Jan-Erik Olsson. "The party", indeed, continued for some 131 hours, or five and a half days, as Olsson held four of the bank's employees hostage in an 11 by 47 foot vault until late in the evening of August 28th. ...Later interviews with the four hostages yielded surprising results -- results that have been confirmed in numerous other "hostage situations" in the years that followed. Even though the captives themselves were not able to explain it, they displayed a strange association with their captors, identifying with them while fearing those who sought to end their captivity. In some cases they later testified on behalf of or raised money for the legal defense of their captors. The Swedish location of the "Sveriges Kreditbank" gave its name to this mental aberration as "The Stockholm Syndrome". http://www.yahoodi.com/peace/stockholm.html 4. Religious Indoctrination: A psychologically weak or dependent person submits to a charismatic leader who claims to be spiritually connected to some kind of God, professing to be chosen for a spiritual agenda, promises salvation to devotees and eternal damnation promised to non-followers. 5. Brainwashing through Social influence: An individual is placed only among successful "converts" to the abuser or cult, who profess the belief system of the group, while the person is isolated from family and previous support systems and activities. 6. Brainwashing through Deprivation of Basic Needs: Sleep , food, water, combined with chanting, social isolation, etc. "Brainwashing"... describes .... the process of indoctrination that... occurred to some American prisoners of war during the Korean War (1950-1953). It is a term coined by journalist Edward Hunter (1951) to describe "thought reform" programs and methods developed by the Chinese Communists after taking control of China in 1949. The Communist Chinese hoped to influence their own people and some prisoners of war enough to cause them to change their beliefs and accept beliefs as true that they previously had considered false. Their methodology included starvation, deprivation of sleep and isolation of victims alone in a prison cell or a small room for long periods of time where they feared for their lives. They were told repeatedly and harshly that their political, religious or social beliefs were wrong while shown the advantages of complying with their captors' position. http://www.thefamily.org/dossier/statements/brainwashing.htm 7. Self-View as an Accomplice or Evil: Abuser forces victim into double-binds that cause the victim to feel culpable. 8. Unidimensional directives are communicated during severe abuse, convincing affected personalities that the abuse will re-occur if the programmed mandate is broken. The most common are, "Remember to forget" the abuse and "Don't tell" about the abuse. A central function of most mind control is to cause the victim to physically and psychologically re-experience the torture used to install the programming should she or he act in violation of programmed commands. The re-experience of the original torture often includes somatic manifestation of the original injuries, such as bruising and swelling, though not to the degree of the original injury. 9. Spiritual "Programming": Evil attachments, claims, curses, covenants, etc. Witchcraft ritual abuse seeks to "attach" evil entities (spirits of abusers and demons) to dissociated identities to harass and control victims for their entire lives. Claims, curses, covenants, hexes, vexes, etc. are used to forever malevolently define victims as evil, physically or mentally ill, socially devalued and isolated, sexually enslaved, a murderer, a cult member, a witch, etc. 10. Psychic driving: Taped messages are played for hours non-stop while the person is in states of consciousness altered by sleep, electro-shock, sensory deprivation, inadequate food, water, sleep, oxygen, isolated, confinement or other torture. This methodology was utilized by Ewen Cameron, MD, in the 1950s (See film, "The Sleep Room" about 1950s CIA funding of his research.) In 1997, the U.S. CIA was sued by a number of Dr. Cameron's ex-patients. The Canadian court found in favor of the patients who endured Dr. Cameron's tortures in the name of creating a more efficient Manchurian Candidate for the CIA championed by Allen Dulles, the man behind the MKUltra projects . Electroshock , according to Dr. Cameron's protocol would do the following (Emery, 1977): First Stage: In the First Stage of electroshock amnesia, the subject loses much of her recent memory, "yet she still knew where she was, why she was there, and who the people were who treated her." (J. Marks, 1979, p. 135). That is called keeping your "space-time image." The subject knows where she is, why she is there, and recognizes familiar faces. Names are harder. Second Stage: In the Second Electroshock Amnesia Stage, the subject loses that space-time image and is aware of the loss. That awareness causes extreme anxiety. The subject wants to remember. At his stage the subject asks repeatedly, 'Where am I?', 'How did I get here?', 'What am I here for?' Third Stage: In this final stage, the subject becomes bizarrely calm. All the previous anxiety is gone. At this point the patient was moved back to their room where a speakerphone had been placed under their pillow, a tape recorder with a continuous loop played repeating the same command over and over again. While in this state, patients showed incontinence of both urine and feces. Much of these inhumane "treatments" appear to have originated 50 years earlier in Pavlov's abusive experiments with dogs. Read more at: www.ulster.net/~babs7/articles/kk/mindcontrolpart1.htm 2-22-2003, the main web-site from which this section of the outline was derived. Also, see Ross (2000) and Rutz (2001), for more information on the United States CIA projects ( MKULTRA and others) using unwitting human subjects for mind control experimentation and exploitation. 11. Machiavellian manipulation of the inner psychological world of the child. Examples of process: from "The First Five Steps of Discipline" (Svali, 1999) In chapter 4 of online book, posted in full at: http://www.geocities.com/lord_visionary/svali_index.htm Third Step: To Not Wish. The child is placed in a room with favorite toys, or objects. A kind adult comes into the room and engages the child in play. This adult may be a friend, aunt, parent, or trainer. The child and adult may engage in fantasy play about the child's secret wishes, dreams, or wants. This will occur on several occasions, and the child's trust is slowly gained. At some later point, the child is severely punished for any aspect of wishing or fantasy shared with the adult, including the destruction of favorite toys, going in and undoing or destroying secret safe places the child may have created, or even destroying non cult protectors. This step is repeated, with variations, many many times over the ensuing years. Occasionally, the child's siblings, parents, or friends will be used to reveal inside fantasies the child has revealed to them during the daytime, or in unguarded moments. The ostensible reason the cult gives for this step is to create a child who doesn't fantasize, who is more outwardly directed, less inwardly directed. In other words, the child is to look to adults for permission in all aspects of its life, including internal. The reality is that this step destroys all safe places the child has created internally, to retreat from the horrors it is experiencing. This step creates in the child the feeling that there is no true safety, that the cult will find out everything it thinks. Exercises like this are also used to create young alters in the child who will self report to the cult trainers any secret safe places, or covert wishes against the cult, that other alters have. This will then begin to set up intrasystem hostility and divisiveness, which the cult will manipulate throughout the person's life span in order to control them. 12. Trauma-based Coercive Mind Control - Trauma -based mind control programming can be defined as systematic torture that blocks the victim's capacity for conscious processing (through pain, terror, drugs, illusion, sensory deprivation, sensory over-stimulation , oxygen deprivation, cold, heat, spinning, brain stimulation, and often, near-death) , and then employs suggestion and/or classical and operant conditioning (consistent with well-established behavioral modification principles) to implant thoughts, directives, and perceptions in the unconscious mind, often in newly-formed trauma -induced dissociated identities, that force the victim to do, feel, think, or perceive things for the purposes of the programmer. The objective is for the victim to follow directives with no conscious awareness, including execution of acts in clear violation of the victim's moral principles, spiritual convictions, and volition. Installation of mind control programming relies on the victim's capacity to dissociate, which permits the creation of new walled-off personalities to "hold" and "hide" programming. Already dissociative children are prime "candidates" for programming. Alternatively, very young children can be made dissociative through trauma-based programming. The extreme abuse inflicted on young children in intra-familial satanic and "black" witchcraft (not Wicca) cults reliably causes dissociation. Children in these cults are programmed to the extent that the cult's leaders understand mind control programming. Many ritual abuse survivors report that other abuser groups with criminal, political, and military agendas infiltrate their familial cults to gain access to these readily-programmable children to program them to fulfill their own agendas, often paying the cult parents large sums of money to do so One common function of trauma-based mind control programming is to cause the victim to physically and psychologically re-experience the torture used to install the programming should the victim consider violating its directives. The most common programs are unidimensional directives communicated during torture and impaired states of consciousness to; "Remember to forget" the abuse and "Don't tell" about the abuse. Much trauma-based mind contro l programming is significantly more complex, more technological in its methods of installation, and utilizes the individual's dissociated identities (personalities) to effect greater layering of psychological effects. Personalities are usually programmed to take executive control of the body in response to particular cues (hand signals, tones, etc.) and then follow directives, with complete amnesia for these events. This is exemplified by the automatic response of the programmed assassin to seeing the Queen of Diamonds in the 1962 film, "The Manchurian Candidate". Personalities are programmed to become flooded with anxiety or feel acutely suicidal if they defy program directives. Personalities are often programmed to believe that explosives have been surgically implanted in their bodies and that these will detonate if the individual violates orders or begins to recall the programming, the torture used to install it, or the identities of the programmers. In highly sophisticated mind control, the individual is programmed to perceive inanimate structures in the unconscious inner landscape. "Structures" are mental representations of objects, e.g., buildings, grids, devices of torture, and other containers, that "hold" programmed commands, messages, information, and personalities. In many cases, walls are also installed that serve as barriers to hide deeper levels of programming and structures. Unconscious personalities perceive themselves as trapped within, or attached to, these structures, both visually (in internal imagery), and somatically (in experiences of pain, suffocation, electroshock, etc.). Structures are installed in early childhood, generally between 2 and 5 years of age. Torture and drugs are applied beyond the endurance of all of the already-formed personalities, which usually requires that the child be taken near death. The intent is to bury all memory for the event deeply in the unconscious mind, below the level of consciousness of all personalities. When all conscious processing of information is blocked, the child cannot mentally resist any of the programmer's input, cannot reject it as "not me" or as untrue. Instead, the input is "taken in whole", into the unconscious mind, with no conscious memory, and therefore no ability to process or reject it later. The child may be tortured on a device, and the personalities formed in this process then perceive themselves trapped on these devices. Or an image of an object may be projected on the child's body or on a screen, or in virtual reality goggle, or a physical model of the object is shown. The programmer then tells the child that this device or object is now within him or her. Because the mind of the small child does not easily discriminate reality and fantasy (this process relies on the pre-school child's use of magical thinking), the child now perceives the object as a structure within. Then, a code is installed, for the programmer to gain future access to the structure to erase or give new information. Immediately after the structure is installed, the programmer will generally command traumatized personalities go to places in the structures, e.g., "Go inside the grid"; The programmer will generally also install the perception of wires, bombs, and re-set buttons, to prevent removal of the structure. The child is usually shown something to make the him or her perceive these as real, e.g., a button on the belly-button. Installed program "triggers", "cues", and "access codes" allow the programmer easy access to programmed personalities and program structures to install or change commands, messages, and information, and to retrieve information, all out of victims' conscious awareness. Personalities trapped in (or on) structures obey program directives until freed from the structures. Programmed functions are usually performed unconsciously, or with a some awareness of a compulsion to do, or not do, something. E.g., personalities are often programmed to awaken in the every morning hours to make a telephone call (use of toll-free numbers results in no record of calls) to obtain or provide information to abuser groups. Programmed "reporter" personalities report whether therapy is approaching the hidden programming. The host usually has no knowledge of making these calls, or may occasionally find him/herself holding a telephone in the middle of the night, not knowing why. Similar methods of programming, sometimes combined with witchcraft spiritual abuse, are used to mentally install "humanoids", e.g., robots, shells, etc., that contain no part of the person's true humanity, i.e., no personality fragment. These humanoids carry out specific functions within the mind, or in external actions. Programming overides the victim's free will. Programmed individuals (usually specific personalities) follow commands and perform actions that are in clear violation of their free will, moral principles, and spiritual convictions, generally without conscious awareness. These kinds of programming continue to control the person's thoughts and actions for decades, usually with no conscious awareness of the programming or of the personalities under its control. Survivors of ritual abuse who re-associate their history of abuse usual begin to recover their memories of abuse from between 30 and 50 years of age. It is generally many years more before the survivor becomes aware of mind control programming and its ongoing effects on her or him. Free will, determination, and deep spiritual faith, are usually not enough alone to find the unconscious personalities perceiving themselves inexorably trapped in programming, or the carefully hidden program structures. Finding these generally requires expertise in safely helping survivors access this information. By the programmers' design, attempting to disable or remove programming usually "sets off" programmed self-destruction and negative health/mental health consequences. Finding, disabling, and removing programming must skillfully sidestep these negative consequences. Although the host personality may be determined to defy all such consequences, concealed personalities trapped in complex programs often perceive themselves as unable to defy programmed negative consequences. Consultation with experts in program removal who have extensive knowledge of the various kinds of programming done by the various abuser groups permits; a) the discovery of programming buried in the unconscious mind, b) techniques in side-stepping programming, and c) recognition of "red herrings" and disinformation. The objectives of program removal are to: 1. Free all personalities controlled by programming, so they may act of their own free will: a) to decide who and what they want to be and do!, b) to leave the sites of their trauma and program structures, c) to go to a healing/safe place in the inner world, and/or d) to gain co-consciousness with the host, or integrate with the host and with the core (which is usually a young part of the host that the individual has managed to hide from the abusers). 2. Remove all injunctions and implants (structures, humanoids, hostile spiritual controls). The free will of the host and other personalities must be respected at all times in the process of disabling/removing mind control programming. Program removal cannot be achieved with re-programming or abuse, e.g., use of coercion, manipulation, deceit, intimidation, sleep deprivation. In most cases, skillful program removal greatly facilitates the psychotherapy process. In many cases, program removal is essential to stop ongoing contact with abuser groups. I have worked extensively with an expert in program removal for the past eight years. I welcome people to contact me for more information about my consultant and the program removal process. My e-mail is: ellenlacter@earthlink.net. Some Indicators of Trauma-Based Mind Control Programming: A. Repetitive, robotic statements that do not make sense in context of dialogue, e.g., "I want to go home". B. Obsessive, robotic thoughts, e.g., singing the same song, irrelevant number series running through one's mind. C. Fear responses to benign stimuli, e.g., lights, mirrors, colors, shapes, animals, hearing one's name called, cartoon characters, etc. D. Fear responses to water; may not be able to drink it, rain may feel as if it is burning (hot or like acid), fear of bathing, difficulty taking showers. E. Telephone reactions; e.g., strong fear or startle response to the phone ringing, many hang-up calls to the home, a compulsion to make calls (often toll-free), finding the phone in his/her hand in early am hours. F. Increased "dead-air" phone calls (noone answers to "hello") around birthdays or ritual holidays. G. Memories lack continuity. There are snippets, with pieces remaining blocked from recall. H. Art, sand trays, poetry, dreams, or fear of: 1. watching eyes, faces, figures, or entities; 2. being placed underground, in coffins, in dark holes, in cages, or underwater; 3. snakes, spiders, rats. I. Progress in therapy or memory recovery increases suicidality, self-harm (burns, drug overdose, cuts, esp. in patterns), depression, anxiety, and in therapy sessions; sleepiness, lost time, feeling "stuck", a feeling of having been "called away" for most of session, inability to speak to therapist or hear therapist. J. Increased depression, anxiety, self-harm, or suicidality on holidays, birthdays, equinoxes, solstices, etc. Bibliography Boyd, A. (1991). Blasphemous rumors : Is Satanic ritual abuse fact or fantasy? An investigation. London: HarperCollins. Coleman, J. (1994). Satanic cult practices. In V. Sinason (Ed.), Treating survivors of satanic abuse (pp. 242-253). London, and New York, NY: Routledge. Hassan, S. (1990). Combating cult mind control. Rochester, VT: Park Street Press. Hersha, L., Hersha, C., Griffis, D., & Schwarz, T. (2001). Secret weapons: Two sisters' terrifying true story of sex, spies, and sabotage. Far Hills, New Jersey: New Horizon Press. Katchen, M., & Sakheim, D. (1992). Satanic beliefs and practices. In D. K. Sakheim, & S. F. Devine, (Eds.), Out of Darkness: Exploring Satanism and Ritual Abuse. (pp. 21-43). New York: Lexington Books. Keith, J. (1998). Mind control, world control. Kempton, IL: Adventures Unlimited Press. Marks, J. (1979). The Search for the Manchurian Candidate: The CIA and mind control. New York: Times Books. Neswald, D., & Gould, C. (1993). Basic treatment and program neutralization strategies for adult MPD Survivors of Satanic ritual abuse. Treating Abuse Today, 4 (3), 14-19. Neswald, D., Gould, C., & Graham-Costain, V. (1991). "Common programs" observed in survivors of Satanic ritual abuse. The California Therapist, 3(5), 47-50. Noblitt, J.R., & Perskin, P. (2000). Cult and ritual Abuse: Its history, anthropology, and recent discovery in contemporary America; Revised edition. Westport, CT: Praeger Publishers. Oksana, C. (1994, revised 2001). Safe passage to healing: A guide for survivors of ritual abuse. NY: Harper Perennial. Rutz, C. (2001). A nation betrayed: The chilling and true story of secret cold war experiments performed on our children and other innocent people. Grass Lake, MI: Fidelity Publishing. Ryder, D., & Noland, J.T. (1992). Breaking the circle of Satanic ritual abuse: Recognizing and recovering from the hidden trauma. Minneapolis, MN: CompCare Publishers. Sheflin, A. & Opton, E. (1978). The mind manipulators. New York: Grosset & Dunlap. Smith, M. (1993). Ritual Abuse: What it is, why it happens, how to help. San Francisco: Harper. Weinstein, H. (1990). Psychiatry and the CIA: Victims of mind control. Washington, DC: American Psychiatric Press. _______________________________________________________________________ Websites on Mind Control Corydon Hammond's Greenbaum speech at: http://www.mindcontrolforums.com/greenbaum.htm Los Angeles County Commission for Women. Report of the Ritual Abuse Task Force (inc. Programming): http://www.mindcontrolforums.com/ritualab.htm Svalis On-line book on How the Cults Program People: http://www.geocities.com/lord_visionary/svali_index.htm ACHES - MC; Advocacy Committee for Human Experimentation Survivors & Mind Control: http://www.aches-mc.org/ More Than Conquerors On-line support for ritual abuse survivors: http://www.ritualabuse.net/mtc/ Mind control CKLN-FM radio series of 27 shows transcribed: http://www.heart7.net/mcf/ckln-hm.htm On CIA Mind control, MK-Ultra, the False Memory Syndrome Foundation, Margaret Singer, etc:: http://www.towardfreedom.com/may98/messing.htm Monarch mind control: http://www.freedomdomain.com/monarchmind.html Project Bluebird: Go to: http://www.rossinst.com/blue.htm Operation Paperclip and the Nazi doctors: http://hardtruth.topcities.com/operationpaperclip.htm http://www.mt.net/~watcher/nwonazi.html MKUltra and CIA mind control: http://www.insteadof.com/TerrorAttack/p27.htm SMART NEWS, Ritual Abuse Newsletters, conference info: http://members.aol.com/smartnews/index2.html Colin Ross; Building the Manchurian Candidate: http://www.rossinst.com/manchurian.htm Programming: Taking the Wind out of Its Sails: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/psnews/message/543 Multiple links on ritual abuse and mind control: http://educate-yourself.org/mc/ __________________________________________________ Kinds of Torture Endured in Ritual Abuse and Trauma-Based Mind Control (Ellen P. Lacter, Ph.D., March 4, 2004) Knowledge of the methods of torture used within ritual abuse and trauma-based mind control provides a basis for recognition of related trauma disorders . Individuals subjected to these forms of torture may experience intense fear , phobic reactions, or physiological symptoms in response to associated stimuli. In some cases, the individual, or particular dissociated identities, experience a preoccupation with, or attraction to, related stimuli. Victims may be able to describe the torture they have endured, or they may fear doing so. In many cases of ritual abuse and mind control trauma , the abuse remains dissociated when the individual first seeks treatment. Typically, the initial presenting problems are symptoms of anxiety, depression, or trauma derived from childhood sexual abuse, usually by a family member, who is eventually understood as a participant in the abuser group. The following is a partial list of these forms of torture: 1. Sexual abuse and torture. 2. Confinement in boxes, cages, coffins, etc, or burial (often with an opening or air-tube for oxygen). 3. Restraint; with ropes, chains, cuffs, etc. 4. Near-drowning. 5. Extremes of heat and cold, including submersion in ice water, and burning chemicals. 6. Skinning (only top layers of the skin are removed in victims intended to survive). 7. Spinning. 8. Blinding light. 9. Electric shock. 10. Forced ingestion of offensive body fluids and matter, such as blood, urine, feces, flesh, etc. 11. Hung in painful positions or upside down. 12. Hunger and thirst. 13. Sleep deprivation. 14 Compression with weights and devices. 15. Sensory deprivation. 16. Drugs to create illusion, confusion, and amnesia, often given by injection or intravenously. 17. Ingestion or intravenous toxic chemicals to create pain or illness, including chemotherapy agents. 18. Limbs pulled or dislocated. 19. Application of snakes, spiders, maggots, rats, and other animals to induce fear and disgust. 20. Near-death experiences; commonly asphyxiation by choking or drowning, with immediate resuscitation. 22. Forced to perform or witness abuse, torture and sacrifice of people and animals, usually with knives. 23. Forced participation in child pornography and prostitution. 24. Raped to become pregnant; the fetus is then aborted for ritual use, or the baby is taken for sacrifice or enslavement. 25. Spiritual abuse to cause victim to feel possessed, harassed, and controlled internally by spirits or demons. 26. Desecration of Judeo-Christian beliefs and forms of worship; Dedication to Satan or other deities. 27. Abuse and illusion to convince victims that God is evil, such as convincing a child that God has raped her. 28. Surgery to torture, experiment, or cause the perception of physical or spiritual bombs or implants. 29. Harm or threats of harm to family, friends, loved ones, pets, and other victims, to force compliance. 30. Use of illusion and virtual reality to confuse and create non-credible disclosure. To illustrate, ritual abuse survivors may experience intense phobic reactions to spiders or maggots (item 19). They may fear water and baths (item 4). They often fear hypodermic needles (item 16). They become easily too cold, too hot (item 5), or thirsty (item 12). They may have aversive reactions to cameras (item 23). They may become upset upon seeing babies, dolls, or particular animals, or they may strongly identify with abused and abandoned animals and children (items 22 and 24). Sexual aversions are common (items 1, 23, and 24), as are vulnerability to repeated sexual victimization, sexual compulsions, and in some cases, paraphilias, such as sadism (Young, Sachs, Braun, & Watkins, 1991). Food aversions and eating disorders are common. Ritual abuse survivors may not be able to eat food that is brown or red because these remind them of feces and blood. They are often repulsed by meat, are vegetarian, or fast excessively, or regurgitate food, derived from forced ingestion of body matter and fluids (item 10). Ritual abuse survivors, by and large, believe in the presence and power of spiritually evil forces, and often feel personally plagued by these (items 25, 26, 27, and 28). They may experience anxiety or an aversion to God and religion (item 26 and 27), or may alternatively be devout in their spiritual beliefs and practices. Art productions, creative writing, and sandtrays, will often reflect their torture; including knives, religious symbols, frightening figures, coffins, burials, etc. Children unconsciously reenact elements of torture they have witnessed or experienced with toys and other objects. For example, a 3-year-old boy wrapped a rope three times around his neck and pulled upward, as if to hang himself. A 3-year-old girl sang about marrying Satan. External or internal reminders of torture-related stimuli often precipitate dissociative responses, such as entering a trance state, falling asleep, or an other personality taking executive control of the individual. Torture-associated stimuli may also elicit disturbing impulses to re-enact unprocessed trauma, such as impulses to self-mutilate, or thoughts of stabbing or sexually assaulting an other person. Somatoform and conversion reactions occur frequently in response to ritual abuse and mind control trauma-reminders. Individuals often experience localized pain, especially genitourinary, musculoskeletal, and gastrointestinal, motor inhibitions, nausea, or even swelling in the affected area, prior to retrieval of any visual or narrative memory of the related torture. These are generally very distressing to the affected individual. Once the trauma is re-associated and processed within the context of psychotherapy or other forms of support, these somatoform and conversion reactions usually dissipate. Survivors of trauma-based mind control often respond with anxiety to flourescent lighting, since so much programming utilizes intense lighting (item 8). They may startle in response to a telephone ringing, related to programming to receive or make calls to abusers. They may believe they have microphones inside their heads that will relay their disclosures to their abusers (item 27). Fears of electronic or spiritual surveillance, and threats to loved ones (item 29) inhibit their ability to defy and escape their abusers or to disclose their abuse. Victims of trauma-based mind control also usually experience intense or odd reactions to benign stimuli that were used in their programming. For example, they may have been programmed to remember to forget every time they see an apple, or to remember they are being watched every time they hear a police or fire siren. Similarly, they may make repetitive, robotic statements that do not make sense in the context of dialogue, e.g., "I want to go home", a common programmed statement intended to keep them obedient to the abuser group and reporting to their abusers. Specific songs may be compulsively sung for similar programmed purposes. All of these symptoms can occur prior to the individual having any conscious understanding of the related abuse. This point is critical. Dissociative and neurobiological responses to overwhelming trauma (van Der Kolk, McFarlane, & Weisaeth, 1996) often prevent these experiences from being processed into a coherent narrative memory. The diagnostician cannot rely on the patient to put the pieces together of their clinical picture. Finally, generalized guilt and survivor guilt are strongly associated with ritual abuse, since participation in victimization of others is a mainstay of ritual abuse and mind control torture (items 22 and 29). For more on recognition of symptoms specific to ritual abuse trauma, see Boyd (1991); Coleman (1994); Gould (1992); Hudson (1991); Mangen (1992); Oksana (2001); Pulling and Cawthorn, 1989; Ross (1995); Ryder (1992); Young (1992); and Young and Young (1997). References Boyd, A. (1991). Blasphemous rumors: Is Satanic ritual abuse fact or fantasy? An investigation. London: HarperCollins Coleman, J. (1994a). Presenting features in adult victims of Satanist ritual abuse. Child Abuse Review, 3, 83-92. Gould, C. (1992). Diagnosis and treatment of ritually abused children. In D.K. Sakheim & S.E. Devine (Eds.), Out of darkness: Exploring Satanism and ritual abuse (pp. 207-248). New York: Lexington Books. Hudson, P.S. (1991). Ritual child abuse: discovery, diagnosis and treatment. Saratoga, CA: R & E Publishers. Mangen, R. (1992). Psychological testing and ritual abuse. In D.K. Sakheim & S.E. Devine (Eds.), Out of darkness: Exploring Satanism and ritual abuse (pp. 147-173). New York: Lexington. Oksana, C. (1994, revised 2001). Safe passage to healing: A guide for survivors of ritual abuse. NY: Harper Perennial. Pulling, P., & Cawthorn, K. (1989). The devils web: Who is stalking your children for Satan?. Lafayette, Louisiana: Huntington House. Ross, C.A. (1995). Satanic ritual abuse: Principles of treatment. Toronto: University of Toronto Press. Ryder, D., & Noland, J.T. (1992). Breaking the circle of Satanic ritual abuse: Recognizing and recovering from the hidden trauma. Minneapolis, MN: CompCare Publishers. van der Kolk, B.A., McFarlane, A.C., & Weisaeth, L. (Eds.) (1996). Traumatic stress: The effects of overwhelming experience on mind, body, and society. New York: Guilford. Young, W.C. (1992). Recognition and treatment of survivors reporting ritual abuse. In D.K. Sakheim & S.E. Devine (Eds.), Out of darkness: Exploring Satanism and ritual abuse (pp. 249-278). New York: Lexington. Young, W.C., Sachs, R.G., Braun, B.G., & Watkins, R.T. (1991). Patients reporting ritual abuse in childhood: A clinical syndrome. Report of 37 cases. Child Abuse and Neglect, 15, 181-189. Young, W.C., & Young, L.J. (1997). Recognition and special treatment issues in patients reporting childhood sadistic ritual abuse. In G.A. Fraser (Ed.), The dilemma of ritual abuse: Cautions and guides for therapists (pp. 65-103). Washington, DC: American Psychiatric Press. _______________________________________________________________________ Sleep deprivation From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Sleep deprivation is a general lack of the necessary amount of sleep. A person can be deprived of sleep by their own body and mind, as a consequence of some sleep disorders, or deliberately . Sleep deprivation has sometimes been used as an interrogation technique or as an instrument of torture. It has been reported that sleep deprivation affects tens of millions of adults each year.[1]. Sleep deprivation (in sleep deprivation therapy) has also been used as a treatment for depression. Sleep deprivation can adversely affect brain function.[9]A 2000 study by the UCSD School of Medicine and the Veterans Affairs Healthcare System in San Diego, used functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) technology to monitor activity in the brains of sleep-deprived subjects performing simple verbal learning tasks.[11] The study showed that regions of the brain's prefrontal cortex (PFC) displayed more activity in sleepier subjects. Depending on the task at hand, in some cases the brain attempts to compensate for the adverse effects caused by lack of sleep. The temporal lobe, which is a brain region involved in language processing, was activated during verbal learning in rested subjects but not in sleep deprived subjects. The parietal lobe, not activated in rested subjects during the verbal exercise, was more active when the subjects were deprived of sleep. Although memory performance was less efficient with sleep deprivation, greater activity in the parietal region was associated with better memory. A 2001 Study at Harvard Medical Institute suggested that sleep deprivation may be linked to more serious diseases, such as heart disease. Animal studies suggest that sleep deprivation increases stress hormones, which may reduce new cell production in adult brains.[12] According to a 2000 study published in the British scientific journal, researchers in Australia and New Zealand reported that sleep deprivation can have some of the same hazardous effects as being drunk.[14][15] People who drove after being awake for 1719 hours performed worse than those with a blood alcohol level of .05 percent, which is the legal limit for drunk driving in most western European countries (the U.S. and UK set their blood alcohol limits at .08 percent). In addition, as a result of continuous muscular activity without proper rest time, effects such as cramping are much more frequent in sleep-deprived individuals. Extreme cases of sleep deprivation have been reported to be associated with hernias, muscle fascia tears, and other such problems commonly associated with physical overexertion. Beyond impaired motor skills, people who get too little sleep may have higher levels of stress, anxiety and depression, and may take unnecessary risks. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, over 100,000 traffic accidents each year are caused by fatigue and drowsiness.[16][17] A new study has shown that while total sleep deprivation for one night caused many errors, the errors were not significant until after the second night of total sleep deprivation.[18] S l eep deprivation is considered by some to be torture.It has been used as a way of interrogating suspected political opponents (for example, in Pinochet-era Chile).[23] First, interrogation victims are kept awake for several days... when they are finally allowed to fall asleep, they are suddenly awakened and questioned. Menachem Begin, the Israeli prime minister from 1977-83 described his experience of sleep deprevation when a prisoner of the KGB in Russia as follows, "In the head of the interrogated prisoner, a haze begins to form. His spirit is wearied to death, his legs are unsteady, and he has one sole desire: to sleep... Anyone who has experienced this desire knows that not even hunger and thirst are comparable with it." In 2006, Australian Federal Attorney-General Philip Ruddock argued that sleep deprivation does not constitute torture. [24][25] In rats, prolonged, complete sleep deprivation increases both food intake and energy expenditure, leading to weight loss and, ultimately, death. [26] Nicole Bieske, a spokeswoman for Amnesty International Australia, has stated, "At the very least, [ sleep deprivation] is cruel, inhumane and degrading. If used for prolonged periods of time it is torture. "[23] ______________________________________ NEUROSCIENCE (MIND CONTROL) From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation, search Mind and Brain Portal Neuroscience Portal Drawing of the cells in the chicken cerebellum by S. Ramón y Cajal Neuroscience is a field that is devoted to the scientific study of the nervous system. Such studies may include the structure, function, development, genetics, biochemistry, physiology, pharmacology, and pathology of the nervous system. Traditionally it is seen as a branch of biological sciences. However, recently there has been a convergence of interest from many allied disciplines, including neuropsychology, computer science, statistics, physics, and medicine. The scope of neuroscience has now broadened to include any systematic scientific experimental and theoretical investigation of the central and peripheral nervous system of biological organisms. The methodologies employed by neuroscientists have been enormously expanded, from biochemical and genetic analysis of dynamics of individual nerve cells and their molecular constituents to imaging representations of perceptual and motor tasks in the brain. Neuroscience is at the frontier of investigation of the brain and mind. The study of the brain is becoming the cornerstone in understanding how we perceive and interact with the external world and, in particular, how human experience and human biology influence each other. _______________________________________________________________________ MIND CONTROL Mind control is a general term for a number of controversial theories and/or techniques designed to subvert an individual's control of their own thinking, behavior, emotions, or decisions. While terms such as mind control have been called "merely more scientific-sounding terms for . . . brainwashing",[1] the term can cover subjects such as hypothetical neurotechnology that, it is claimed, might one day "hack" the human brain.[2] Since the mid-1930s, scientists have known that establishing a potential field across a neural-cell membrane could cause it to fire artificially. Experiments, especially with the giant axons of ocean squid, showed such artificial stimulation possible. While discussion of these techniques are popular amongst cult critics , conspiracy buffs, and as a subject of speculative fiction,[3] any techniques of mind control that actually work would have real-world applications.[not specific enough to verify] Such applications, were they to exist, might include use by hypothetical religious cults, by governments as torture techniques used to obtain confessions, as psyops to break resistance movements, by the advertising industry to manipulate consumer habits, and by the public relations industry to manufacture consent or remediate corporate image in the event of a crisis.[not specific enough to verify] The feasibility of such control and the methods by which it might be attained (either direct or more subtle) are subject to debate among psychologists, neuroscientists, and sociologists. Also, the exact definition of mind control and the extent to which it might have any kind of influence over individuals are debated. The different views on the subject do have legal implications. For example, mind control was an issue in the court case of Patty Hearst, and in several court cases involving New Religious Movements. Also, questions of mind control are regarding ethical questions linked to the subject of free will.[citation needed] The question of mind control has been discussed in conjunction with religion, politics, prisoners of war, totalitarianism, neural cell manipulation, cults, terrorism, torture, parental alienation, and even battered person syndrome. ___________________________ Hypnosis is a process in which critical thinking faculties of the mind are bypassed and a type of selective thinking and perception is established. Although some individuals experience an increase in suggestibility and subjective feelings of an altered state of consciousness, this is not true for everyone. In fact, some supposed hypnotic indicators and subjective changes can be achieved without relaxation or a lengthy induction by means of simple suggestion or waking hypnosis, a fact that increases the controversy and misunderstandings around hypnosis and the hypnotic state. _______________________________________________________________________ RADIOLOGY Radiology is the medical specialty directing medical imaging technologies to diagnose and sometimes treat diseases. Originally it was the aspect of medical science dealing with the medical use of electromagnetic energy emitted by X-ray machines or other such radiation devices for the purpose of obtaining visual information as part of medical imaging. Radiology that involves use of x-ray is called roentgenology. Today, following extensive training, radiologists direct an array of imaging technologies (such as ultrasound, computed tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance imaging) to diagnose or treat disease. Interventional radiology is the performance of (usually minimally invasive) medical procedures with the guidance of imaging technologies. The acquisition of medical imaging is usually carried out by the radiographer or radiologic technologist. Outside of the medical field, radiology also encompasses the examination of the inner structure of objects using X-rays or other penetrating radiation. _______________________________________________________________________ ELECTROMAGNETIC SPECTRUM The electromagnetic (EM) spectrum is the range of all possible electromagnetic radiation . The "electromagnetic spectrum" (usually just spectrum) of an object is the frequency range of electromagnetic radiation with wavelengths from thousands of kilometres down to fractions of the size of an atom. It is commonly said that EM waves beyond these limits are uncommon, although this is not actually true. The short wavelength limit is likely to be the Planck length, and the long wavelength limit is the size of the universe itself (see physical cosmology), though in principle the spectrum is infinite. Electromagnetic energy at a particular wavelength (in vacuum) has an associated frequency f and photon energy E. Thus, the electromagnetic spectrum may be expressed equally well in terms of any of these three quantities. They are related according to the equations: So, high-frequency electromagnetic waves have a short wavelength and high energy; low-frequency waves have a long wavelength and low energy. When light waves (and other electromagnetic waves) enter a medium, their wavelength is reduced. Wavelengths of electromagnetic radiation, no matter what medium they are travelling through, are usually quoted in terms of the vacuum wavelength, although this is not always explicitly stated. _______________________________________________________________________ DIRECTED-ENERGY WEAPON From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia SEE ALSO: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vVmJKtSFVp4 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4lszFdCIyv4 A directed-energy weapon is a type of energy weapon that directs energy in a particular direction by a means other than a projectile. It transfers energy to a target for a desired effect. Some of these weapons are real or practicable; some are science fiction. The energy is in various forms: • Electromagnetic radiation (typically lasers or masers) . •Particles with mass (particle beam weapons). •Fictional weapons often use some sort of radiation or energetic particle that does not exist in the real world; or where the physical nature of the energy and its means of transmission is not detailed and the visible effects would be impossible in the real world. Some of these weapons are known as death rays or rayguns and are usually portrayed as projecting energy at a person or object to kill or destroy. S ome lethal directed-energy weapons are under active research and development, but most examples of such weapons appear in science fiction . _______________________________________________________________________ Ethnic Cleansing refers to various policies or practices aimed at the displacement of an ethnic group from a particular territory in order to create a supposedly ethnically "pure" society. The term entered English and international usage in the early 1990s to describe certain events in the former Yugoslavia. Its typical usage was developed in the Balkans, to be a less objectionable code-word meaning genocide, but its intent was to best avoid the obvious pitfalls of longstanding international treaty laws prohibiting war crimes. This Orwellian term has since become still more Orwellian, because it is occasionally used as a claim of war crimes, when no war crimes actually exist. For example, ethnic cleansing has become improperly used to describe a situation wherein poorer ethnic groups are being displaced economically, by other, generally more affluent ethnic groups. Synonyms include sectarian revenge. _______________________________________________________________________ Atrocity From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia An atrocity (from the Latin atrox, "atrocious", from Latin ater ="matte black") is a term used to describe crimes or excesses ranging from an act committed against a single person to one committed against a population or ethnic group. In general use, an atrocity or massacre designates a politically or ethnically motivated killing of civilians. I n international law, more precise terms are war crime and crime against humanity. An atrocity can be a single specific event, or a series of events, or can refer to genocide. The defining characteristic of an atrocity is its brutal or systematic nature. It is an act of killing that is in violation of most traditional moral principles, although some societies do not condemn such behavior. Often, hostilities exceed the legitimate mandate of killing enemy combatants to include attacks upon unarmed people, upon combatants after their surrender, or upon otherwise non-combative peoples. Thus, nearly every culture has in its history acts of killing which are atrocities. The historical record is clouded by a failure to determine if mutilated bodies represent torture before death, or mutilation of a dead body. In either case, the important effect is the propaganda value, and its effect on the morale of the enemy. Sometimes mass killing is imposed on civilian populations of no military significance, simply as a warning. For example, Dresden or Hiroshima. In other cases, they are targeted at military sub-groups, such as African-American summary execution in the field by the Confederate Army during the American Civil War. Small-scale atrocities may represent anything from disrespect, regional propaganda or both. In modern settings not involving ethnic conflict, atrocities on individual leaders are rare, partially because they tend backfire or simply escalate, as in the case of Breaker Morant. _______________________________________________________________________ UNIVERSITY OF ROCHESTER MEDICAL CENTER SEARCH ENGINE RESULTS/EVIDENCE ADAM URBANSKI 2. University of Rochester Sleep Research Laboratory Summary Full http://www.urmc.rochester.edu/smd/psych/srl/achristensenbio.htm size 10835 bytes - 4/23/2003 7:37:21 PM GMT 3. MACH 2010 Instructors/Teach ing Assistants Summary Full http://www.urmc.rochester.edu/smd/cpm/mach2010/teachers.html size 12349 bytes - 10/9/2002 3:41:26 PM GMT 7.Radiology, University of Rochester Medical Center Summary Full http://www.urmc.rochester.edu/smd/rad/neurocases/neurocase59.htm size 13475 bytes - 10/13/2003 5:03:51 PM GMT 8. University of Rochester Sleep Research Laboratory Summary Full http://www.urmc.rochester.edu/smd/psych/srl/acrhistensencv.htm size 8883 bytes - 4/23/2003 7:37:12 PM GMT 9. University of Rochester Sleep Research Laboratory Summary Full http://www.urmc.rochester.edu/smd/psych/srl/personnel.html size 14137 _______________________________________________________________ IT IS ESTABLISHED THAT ADAM URBANSKI, THE ROCHESTER TEACHER UNION PRESIDENT IS AFFILIATED WITH THE UNIVERSITY OF ROCHESTER MEDICAL CENTER AS A DEADLY SLEEP LABORATORY RESEARCH AND RADIOLOGY WEAPNRY CRIMINAL. THE BELOW IS THE UNIVERSITY OF ROCHESTER MEDICAL CENTER HOSPITAL GANG STALKING EVIDENCE. THE INDUCED SLEEP LABORATORY RESEARH CREATES A TRAUMA PATIENT. THE INDUCED TRAUMA PATIENT'S PLACEMENT IS IN THE INFECTIOUS DISEASE DEPARTMENT BY GANG STALKING HOSPITAL ADMINISTRATION DESIGN. THIS IS NOT A CONSPIRACY. THIS IS REALITY. SEE THE UNIVERSITY OF ROCHESTER TRAUMA PATIENT PLACEMENT SEARCH ENGINE RESULTS LISTED IN THE URBANSKI SECTION UNDER THE HOMEPAGE TITLES. _______________________________________________________________________ UNIVERSITY OF ROCHESTER MEDICAL CENTER SEARCH ENGINE RESULTS Enter your search word or phrase below: JONATHAN LIPPMAN _______________________________________________________________________ Documents 1 to 10 of 30 matching the query "Jonathan Lippman". 1. A Focus on Early Intervention Summary Full http://www.urmc.rochester.edu/strong/epilepsy/conf/ecpconf03.htm size 26326 bytes - 9/9/2003 12:40:20 PM GMT 2. Highland Hospital Internal Medicine Residency Summary Full http://www.urmc.rochester.edu/stronghealth/hh/pcim/index.html size 3419 bytes - 6/10/1999 8:51:00 PM GMT 3. PREVENTION AND EDUCATION Summary Full http://www.urmc.rochester.edu/smded/bpsm1p2/outlines/prevedu.html size 2738 bytes - 8/25/1999 5:34:14 PM GMT 4. fac.html Summary Full http://www.urmc.rochester.edu/smded/bpsm1p2/fac.html size 3238 bytes - 8/25/1999 5:34:12 PM GMT 5. Interdepartmental Graduate Program in Neuroscience ( MIND CONTROL) Summary Full http://www.urmc.rochester.edu/neuroscigrad/matrix.html size 37629 bytes - 5/6/2004 2:16:46 PM GMT 6. Center for Child Health Research | Tobacco Consortium Summary Full http://www.urmc.rochester.edu/cchr/con_tobacco.html size 5618 bytes - 5/12/2004 1:16:32 PM GMT 7. Members and Mentors, Strong Children's Research Center Summary Full http://www.urmc.rochester.edu/scrc/member/index.htm size 32661 bytes - 11/21/2001 3:15:00 PM GMT 8. Members and Mentors, Strong Children's Research Center Summary Full http://www.urmc.rochester.edu/scrc/members-mentors/index.htm size 25701 bytes - 12/1/2003 9:23:24 PM GMT 9. Kids Who Use The Emergency Room ... - URMC Press Release Summary Full http://www.urmc.rochester.edu/pr/news/archive/care.htm siz _______________________________________________________________________ THE ABOVE SHOWS THAT JONATHAN LIPPMAN IS AFFILIATED WITH THE UNIVERSITY OF ROCHESTER MEDICAL CENTER AND THE BELOW SHOWS THE DEADLY PATHOGEN CREATIONS LISTED IN HIS DEADLY PROGRAMS THAT HAVE LEFT MILLIONS DEAD UNDER A PHENOMENON. THESE ARE PROFESSIONAL ASSOCIATIONS THAT ARE LOCATED IN THE SAME ENTITY WHERE HIS NAME IS LISTED, WHILE WORKING AS A PUBLIC SERVANT JUDGE, WHILE ADMINISTERING AN UNREGULATED BILLLION DOLLAR BUDGET, AND WHILE THE ABOVE DEADLY PATHOGEN PROGRAMS ARE LISTED UNDER HIS NAME. ______________________________________________________________________ IS THE ABOVE PHENOMENA OR AN OBVIOUS, CRIMINALLY EXPERT, WELL FINANCED, SEARCH ENGINE DOCUMENTED, HIT TEAM, WITH PUBLIC SERVANT MASQUERADES UNVEILED. THE NYS CHIEF ADMINISTRATIVE JUDGE, JONATHAN LIPPMAN AND THE NYS ROCHESTER TEACHERS ASSOCIATION UNION PRESIDENT, ADAM URBANSKI, BOTH, SECRETLY, WORK OUT OF THE UNIVERSITY OF ROCHESTER MEDICAL CENTER IN SPECIFIC, DOCUMENTED, SATANIC, RITUALISTIC, TRAUMA CAUSING AND BASED CAPACITIES, SLEEP DEPRIVATION, MIND CONTROL, AND LETHAL RADIOLOGY WEAPONRY. EACH SPECIALITY EFFECTIVELY CREATES AN INDUCED TRAUMA PLACEMENT IN THE UNIVERSITY OF ROCHESTER MEDICAL CENTER WHERE DEADLY PATHOGENS ARE CREATED. PHENOMENA UNRAVELED/SUMMARY SIMPLY PUT, INFLICTED DEADLY SLEEP LABORATORY RESEARCH TORTURE, AND OR CRIMINAL RADIOLOGY, INDUCE AN EMERGENCY ROOM TRAUMA PLACEMENT. HAVE EMERGENCY ROOM GANG STALKING HOSPITAL ADMINISTRATION PLACE THE INDUCED TRAUMA VICTIM IN THE INFECTIOUS DISEASE DEPARTMENT. ADMINISTER, INFLICT, ENFORCE A DEFRAUDED INNOCULATION UNDER THE DISGUISE OF MANY PHENOMENA ASSOCIATED WITH TRAUMA AND YOU HAVE JUST KILLED SOMEONE WITH NOT A SPEC OF EVIDENCE, THEY THOUGHT! USE THE RESEARCH ABOVE TO ANSWER THE QUIZ QUESTIONS: WHY IS THE TRAUMA PATIENT PLACED IN THE INFECTIOUS DISEASE DEPARTMENT? WHAT CREATES A TRAUMA PATIENT? _______________________________________________________________________ Contract killing From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia A contract killing (also contract murder or murder-for-hire) is a murder in which a killer is hired by another person to murder for material reward, usually money. A person who carries out a contract killing is sometimes known as a contract killer, hit man (sometimes hitman), or assassin. In most countries with judicial systems, a contract to kill a person is unenforceable by law (in the sense that the customer cannot sue for specific performance and the contract killer cannot sue for his pay). Both the actual killer or hitman and his customer can be found guilty of homicide. In some jurisdictions with capital punishment, a contract killing may be a special circumstance that allows for a murder to be tried as a capital crime. Contract killing appeals to some criminals partially because it can be used to establish an "airtight" alibi for the person who takes out the contract--at the time of the killing, this person can plan to be far away and in a place where many people will see him. At the same time, the person who actually commits the murder may have little or no direct connection to the victim, making it much more difficult for investigators to establish what has happened. By contracting out a murder, a criminal can also avoid personally committing murder, which some may be unwilling or incapable of doing, especially if they had a close relationship with the victim. Contract killings are often, though not always, associated with organized crime, primarily because career criminals are likely to know contract killers, and believe contracting a murder will lessen the likelihood of being caught. Depending on the region and era, contract killers have frequently been used to silence witnesses testifying against criminals or to eliminate rival criminals or politicians who refuse to take a bribe (plata o plomo - a Spanish phrase meaning literally "silver or lead" which usually translates into "money or bullet" "accept a bribe or face assassination"). Others contract a murder in an attempt to reap some kind of financial windfall--usually as a beneficiary of the victim's insurance policies, or as heir to their estate. However, the most common motive usually involves simply ending an intimate relationship, albeit for an array of reasons.[1] Contract killers may make their crime an obvious murder, but may also try to make the death appear to be a suicide or even an accident, or may hide or destroy the body so that it is not clear to authorities that the victim is dead, only that they have disappeared. Payment for the actual killing (usually referred to as a "hit"), is usually divided by paying part of the total price to the contract killer beforehand, and the remainder after the successful completion of the hit. This is usually done like a security bond or deposit, ensuring for the hit man, that they will receive some portion of the pay should the client refuse to pay him or other issues arise and client cannot pay the full amount after the killing has been completed, and also to establish a binding relationship between the client and the hit man. The actual amount for a particular hit will obviously vary considerably based on things such as: the hit man in particular and his standards and usual fee, the difficulty and danger in accomplishing the actual "hit" based upon who the person to be killed is, where they are and any likely police, security and media attention, and also specifically if the client wants the target to be killed in a specific manner (to appear as an accident for example). Though figures reported in the media and in criminological studies suggest the usual fee is in the tens of thousands of dollars, this amount is obviously difficult to verify. In some countries law enforcement agents will sometimes pose as contract killers to arrest the people trying to hire them.[2] ____________________________________________________________________________ ELECTROMAGNETIC WEAPONS: TIMELINE by Judy Wall Editor, Resonance Newsletter from FreedomIsn'tFree Website "ELF" frequencies, as we know now, are not the most invasive weapons-capable frequencies. Doses of ELF can act as either sedatives or stimulants, entraining the target's EEG as with the Russian LIDA machine. Weapons which can transmit hypnotic commands silently and untraceably, over distance and through walls, can cause a far wider spectrum of effects. In other words, victims, don't assume that "ELF" is the only form of electromagnetic signal which can do damage. Electromagnetic (EM) weapons are of recent invention. They utilize the various frequencies of the electromagnetic spectrum to disable or kill the target. Psychotronic weapons are those EM weapons that interact with the nervous system of the target. These weapons usually operate in the very low (100 to 1,000 Hz) or extremely low (greater than zero but less than 100 Hz) frequency ranges. Today a new type of weapon is being touted, the "non-lethal" weapon. The idea behind this is to spare human life without actually losing the war. These weapons are also earmarked for use in civil disorders in which the goal is simply crowd control rather than annihilation. Some EM weapons fall in this category. However, even though these weapons are labelled "non-lethal" does not mean that they are not harmful, or cannot be lethal under certain conditions. Paul Bartch mentioned in his letter "Non-Hertzian Waves ...", written in 1992, that there was nothing mentioned in the report on non-lethal weapons about the Low Frequency EM weapons. Small wonder. The government has been keeping these weapons to itself in top secrecy classification. Only recently have they been brought into the public spotlight. The following is an overview of the development of electromagnetic research as relevant to weapons, as best we are able to put together, considering the cloak of secrecy that surrounds these weapons. ELECTROMAGNETIC WEAPONS TIMELINE 1934 “A method for Remote Control of Electrical Stimulation of the Nervous System”, a monograph by Drs. E. L. Chaffee and R. U. Light 1934 Experiments in Distant Influence, book by Soviet Professor Leonid L. Vasiliev. Vasiliev also wrote an article, “Critical Evaluation of the Hypogenic Method” concerning the work of Dr. I. F. Tomashevsky on experiments in remote control of the brain. 1945 After World War II, the Allies discovered the Japanese had been been developing a “death ray” utilizing very short radio waves focused into a high power beam. Tests were done on animals. The Japanese denied ever testing it on humans. (From the Strategic Bombing Survey, Imperial War Museum, London. Cited with photocopies in “Japanese Death Ray”, by Peter Lewis, Resonance #11, pp 5-9) 1950 The French conducted research on infrasonic weapons. (From “The Road From Armageddon”, by Peter Lewis, Resonance #13, pp 9-14) 1953 John C. Lilly, when asked by the director of the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) to brief the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), National Security Agency (NSA), and the various military intelligence services on his work using electrodes to stimulate directly the pleasure and pain centers in the brain, refused. He said, “Dr. Antione Redmond, using our techniques in Paris, has demonstrated that this method of stimulation on the brain can be applied to the human without help of the neurosurgeon ... This means that anybody with the proper apparatus can carry this out covertly, with no external signs that electrodes have been used in that person. I feel that if this technique got into the hands of a secret agency, they would have total control over a human being and be able to change his beliefs extremely quickly, leaving little evidence of what they had done.” (From “Mind Control and the American Government”, by Martin Cannon in Lobster #23, pp 2-10. Cannon quites Lilly from his book, The Scientist, Berkeley, Ronin publishers, 1988, also Bantam Books 1981. Research by Peter Lewis.) After a statement like that of Dr. Lilly’s, how long do you think it would take the agencies, FBI, CIA, NSA, etc. to contact Dr. Redmond in Paris? 1958, 1962 The U.S. conducts high-altitude Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) bomb tests over the Pacific. (From “The Road From Armageddon” by Peter Lewis.) 1960 Headlines read “Khrushchev Says Soviets Will Cut Forces a Third; Sees Fantastic Weapon’ “. (From article of same title, by Max Frankel, New York Times, Jan. 15, 1960, p1 as cited in “Tesla’s Electro-magnetics and Its Soviet Weaponization”, paper by T. E. Bearden.) 1965 A “Death Ray” weapon was developed by McFarlane Corporation, described as a modulated electron gun X-ray nuclear booster, could be adapted to communications, remote control and guidance systems, EM radiation telemetry and death ray. McFarlane claimed NASA stole the patent in 1965. Reported hearings before the House Subcommittee on Department of Defense Appropriations, chaired by Rep. George Mahon (Dem. - Texas). (From “Hearing Voices” by Alex Constantine, Hustler, Jan. 1994, pp 102-104, 113, 120, 134. Research by Harlan Girard.) 1965 “A project in the U.S. called Project Pandora ... was undertaken in which chimpanzees were exposed to microwave radiation. The man who was in charge of this project said, the potential for exerting a degree of control on human behaviour by low level microwave radiation seems to exist’ and he urged that the effects of microwaves be studied for possible weapons applications’ “. (From “Electromagnetic Pollution: A Little Known Health Hazard. A new means of control?” by Kim Besley, Great Britain, p 14. Research from Woody Blue.) 1968 Dr. Gordon J. F. MacDonald, science advisor to President Lyndon Johnson, wrote, “Perturbation of the environment can produce changes in behavioural patterns.” He was referring to low frequency EM waves in the ionosphere affecting human brain wave patterns. (From his book, Unless Peace Comes, a Scientific Forecast of New Weapons, cited in “New World Order ELF Psychotronic Tyranny”, a paper by C. B. Baker.) 1970 Zbigniew Brzezinski, President Jimmy Carter’s National Security Director, said in his book, Between Two Ages, weather control was a new weapon that would be the key element of strategy. “Technology will make available to leaders of major nations a variety of techniques for conducting secret warfare...” He also wrote “Accurately timed, artificially excited electronic strokes could lead to a pattern of oscillations that produce relatively high power levels over certain regions of the Earth ... one could develop a system that would seriously impair the brain performance of a very large population in selected regions over an extended period.” (Cited in Baker’s “ELF Psychotronic Tyranny” paper.) 1972 The Taser, first electrical shock device developed for use by law enforcement, delivers barbed, dart shaped electrodes to a subject’s body, and 50,000 volt pulses at two millionths of an amp ove 12-14 seconds time. (From “Report on the Attorney General’s Conference on Less Than Lethal Weapons”, by Sherry Sweetman, 1987, p 4, which cites “Non-Lethal Weapons for Law Enforcement: Research Needs and Priorities. A Report to the National Science Foundation by the Security Planning Corporation, 1972. Research by Harlan Girard.) 1972 “A U.S. Department of Defense document said that the Army has tested a microwave weapon. It was an extremely powerful electronic flamethrower’. “ (From “Electromagnetic Pollution”) 1972 “A study published by the U.S. Army Mobility Equipment Research and Development Center, titled Analysis of Microwaves for Barrier Warfare’ examines the plausibility of using radio frequency energy in barrier counter-barrier warfare ... The report concludes that, (a) it is possible to field a truck-portable microwave barrier system that will completely immobilize personnel in the open with present day technology (b) there is a strong potential for a microwave system that would be capable of delaying or immobilizing personnel in vehicles, © with present technology, no method could be identified for a microwave system to destroy the type of armoured material common to tanks” (From “Electromagnetic Pollution” by Kim Besly, p 15, quoting The Zapping of America by Paul Brodeur.) The report further documents the ability to create third-degree burns on human skin using 3 Gigahertz at 20 watts/square centimeter in two seconds. 1972 Dr. Gordon J. F. MacDonald testified before the House Subcommittee on Oceans and International Environment, concerning low frequency research: “The basic notion there was to create between the electrically charged ionosphere in the higher part of the atmosphere and conducting layers of the surface of the Earth this neutral cavity, to create waves, electrical waves that would be tuned to the brainwaves ... about ten cycles per second ... you can produce changes in behavioural patterns or in responses.” (From Baker’s “ELF Psychotronic Tyranny” paper.) 1973 Sharp and Grove transmit audible words via microwaves (See “Synthetic Telepathy” in this issue of Resonance) 1975 - 1977 “Unpublished analyses of microwave bioeffects literature were disseminated to the U.S. Congress and to other officials arguing the case for remote control of human behavior by radar.” (From the Journal of Microwave Power, 12(4), 1977, p320. Research by Harlan Girard.) 1978 Hungarians presented a state-of-the-art paper on infrasonic weapons to the United Nations, “Working Paper on Infrasound Weapons”, United Nations CD/575, 14 Aug 1978. (From “The Road From Armageddon” by Peter Lewis.) 1981 - 1982 “Between 1981 and September 1982, the Navy commissioned me to investigate the potential of developing electromagnetic devices that could be used as non-lethal weapons by the Marine Corp for the purpose of riot control’, hostage removal, clandestine operations, and so on.” Eldon Byrd, Naval Surface Weapons Center, Silver Spring MD. (From “Electromagnetic Pollution” by Kim Besly, p 12.) 1982 Electromagnetic weapons for law enforcement use in Great Britain: A 10-30 Hz strobe light which can produce (HEY JUDGE IN THE AOL NEWS, HERE IS TO READING!) seizures , giddiness, nausea, and fainting was developed by Charles Bovill of the now defunct British firm, Allen International. Addition of sound pulses in the 4.0 - 7.5 Hz range increases effectiveness, as utilized in the Valkyrie, a “frequency” weapon advertised in British Defense Equipment Catalogue until 1983. The squawk box or sound curdler uses two loudspeakers of 350 watt output to emit two slightly different frequencies which combine in the ear to produce a shrill shrieking noise. The U.S. National Science Foundation report says there is “severe risk of permanent impairment of hearing.” (From “Electropollution” by Kim Besley, citing the Manchester City Council Police Monitoring Unit document.) 1982 Air Force review of biotechnology: “Currently available data allow the projection that specially generated radiofrequency radiation (RFR) fields may pose powerful and revolutionary antipersonnel military threats. Electroshock therapy indicates the ability of induced electric current to completely interrupt mental functioning for short periods of time, to obtain cognition for longer periods and to restructure emotional response over prolonged intervals. “... impressed electromagnetic fields can be disruptive to purposeful behavior and may be capable of directing and/or interrogating such behavior. Further, the passage of approximately 100 milliamperes through the myocardium can lead to cardiac standstill and death, again pointing to a speed-of-light weapons effect. “A rapidly scanning RFR system could provide an effective stun or kill capability over a large area.” (From Final Report on Biotechnology Research Requirements for Aeronautical Systems Through the Year 2000. AFOSR-TR-82-0643, vol 1, and vol 2, 30 July 1982. See below.) 1986 “The Electromagnetic Spectrum in Low-Intensity Conflict” by Captain Paul Tyler, MC, USN quotes the above passage and further elaborates on the theme. (Published in Low Intensity Conflict and Modern Technology Lt. Col. David J. Dean, USAF, ed., Air University Press, Maxwell AFB, AL. Research by Harlan Girard.) 1983 Nikolai Khokhlov, a Soviet KGB agent who defected to the West in 1976, interviews recently arrived scientists and reports: “The Soviet mind-control program is run by the KGB with unlimited funds.” (From The Spectator, Feb 5, 1983, reported in “New World Order Psychotronic Tyranny” by C. B. Baker.) 1984 “USSR: New Beam Energy Possible?”, possibly associated with early Soviet weather engineering efforts over the U.S. (From “Tesla’s Electromagnetics and Its Soviet Weaponization” by T. E. Bearden.) 1985 Women in the peace camps at Greenham Common began showing various medical symptoms believed to be caused by EM surveillance weapons beamed at them. (See “Zapping: The New Weapon of the Patriarchy”, Resonance #13, pp 22-24. Research by Woody Blue.) 1986 Attorney General’s Conference on Less Than Lethal Weapons. Reviews current weapons available, most date back to 1972: the Taser the Nova XR-5000 Stun Gun (can interrupt a pacemaker) the Talon, a glove with an electrical pulse generator the Source, a flashlight with electrodes at the base These devices are useful only at close range, except for the Taser, and are generally restricted to correctional institutions. Photic driving strobe lights tested by one conference delegate on 100 subjects, produced discomfort. Closed eyelids to not block the effect. Evidence that ELF produces nausea and disorientation. Suggestion to develop fast acting electrosleep inducing EM weapon. Discusses problem of testing weapons on animals and human “volunteers”. (From “Report on the Attorney General’s Conference on Less Than Lethal Weapons”, by Sherry Sweetman, March 1987, prepared for the National Institute of Justice. Research by Harlan Girard.) How many of you will volunteer to get zapped by 50,000 volts from this little Taser gun we’re testing? 1988 The Pentagon is ordered by courts to cease EMP tests at several locations due to a lawsuit filed by an environmental group. (From The Washington Post, May 15, 1988, see “US and Soviets Develop Death Ray”, Resonance 11, p 10. Research by Remy Chevalier.) 1992 December. “The U.S. Army’s Armament Research, Development and Engineering Center is conducting a one-year study of ACOUSTIC BEAM TECHNOLOGY ... the command awarded the one year study to Scientific Applications and Research Associates of Huntington Beach CA. Related research is conducted at the Moscow based Andreev Institute.” (From “U.S. Explores Russian Mind Control Technology”, by Barbara Opal, Defense News, Jan 11-17, 1993. Research by Harlan Girard and others.) 1993 The Russian government is offering to share with the United States in a bilateral Center for Psychotechnologies the Soviet mind-control technology developed during the 1970s. The work was funded by the Department of Psycho-Correction at the Moscow Medical Academy. “Acoustic psycho-correction involves the transmission of specific commands via static or white noise bands into the human subconscious ...”. The Russian experts, among them former KGB General George Kotov, present in a paper a list of software and hardware available for $80,000. (From Opal article, “U.S. Explores Russian Mind Control Technology”.) 1993 February 28, beginning of 51 day siege on the Branch Davidians at Waco Texas, which ended in the death of more than 80 people. Until this incident, the electromagnetic weapons had kept a very low profile. But in the documentary video, “Waco: The Big Lie Continues”, footage from the British Broadcasting (BBC) shows at least three EM weapons used by U.S. government agents. First, the noise generators used against the Davidians. Second, a powerful strobe light, shown during a nighttime sequence. And the third was the Russian psychoacoustic weapon, considered, but agents deny use of this weapon against the Waco people. FBI agents met with Dr. Igor Smirnov in Arlington VA to discuss the possiblility of using the weapon against the Davidians. (From “A Subliminal Dr. Strangelove”, by Dorinda Elliot and John Barry, Newsweek, Aug 22, 1994) Return
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